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    st. louis ribs on. Time to get a beer a crossword book and wait till the world champion red sox are on at 1. Still cant figure out qveiw. Need to wait for daughter to get up to do it. Remember the mimiogragh machine in grade school. I loved the smell of the ink. Do you think that was wrong?
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  3. Off to a good start John ~~~~ .I prefer smoke over ink.......
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    Ok OK corn cob we got your point. But you are to a good start there John. Now I see your boy there in his dress blues please relay the great big THANK YOU to him and his buddies for all that they are doing and will do. If he's eating you might get some more ribs for we have fed a Marine once too and they don't hold back on some good food like your doing now.
  5. Ah...how does one delete multiple posts??? The site said it wasn't posting...So I tried several times....
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    He is a lance coporal over in afg. Wont see him until october. His mom cries alot. I lost my older bro. in Nam. This has been a hard time. We sit and toast him every day. I cant thank all the people on this site that tell me that. I just hope anyone else that has a son comes home soon.Thanks everyone, it meansalot to me and his mother. god bless her heart.

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