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    I want to smoke some pork ribs. Is it recommended to brine or just do a rub or marinade?

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    I like to use a rub and let it sit in the fridge wrapped in plastic wrap for a few hours at least. usually try for overnight in the fridge. Look around there are dozens of rub recipes on here. Find one you think you will like and give it a shot. Also there is a sub forum for Pork where you can find all sorts of info on pork ribs.
  3. Same here ...... while you don't really need a base to stick rub to your ribs (the moisture will grab on to it if you are patient and let it set a few minutes) many use mustard which adds no flavor at all after cooked.  Others use olive oil, honey, all kinds of stuff.  I have been using molasses with a light dusting of turbinado sugar followed by a relatively spicy rub.  My family is a big fan of a sweet and hot mixture.  Not really hot but  a little zing followed by a nice sweet.  You can find rub recipes everywhere, once you make a basic one you can adjust to your taste.  Of course, you can always just buy rubs, also.  If you are in need of ideas for a rub base to start, PM me and I'll dig up some ideas for you.
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    I like to rub mine down 1 hour prior to hitting the smoker, but there any number of ways you can approach cooking them, and they are all the correct way!  That's what makes BBQ so much fun.  I have recently started brining my ribs for competition, and love the results so far.  I am using a brine made by Sweetwater Spice Company out of Austin, Texas.  I have also played with injecting the ribs as well.  
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    Matter of choice.  I rub just prior to immersing in smoke . Some Rub and rest overnight , and some Brine . Pops has even cured them for Bacon on a stick.

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