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  1. heavymoose

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    My in-laws gave me some ribs they got fresh from a local farmer.  I decided to throw them on the smoker today.  This morning I removed the membrane, trimmed them up and threw some rub on them.  I am going to smoke for 3 hours around 220 degrees and them wrap them in foil.  I am using a mix of hickory and apple wood.  I used a homemade rub from Ray Lampe's book.  Here are some pictures.

  2. b-one

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    Looking good!
  3. heavymoose

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    Here they are after 3 hours.  Wrapped them in foil with a little cider vinegar and back in smoker for another 2 hours.  Also put some Bush Bake Beans in the smoker (just put a little rub in them).  

  4. b-one

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    Very nice!
  5. heavymoose

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    Ok - so here are some pics after two hours wrapped in foil.  They look pretty good.  Now back in the smoker un-wrapped for an hour.

  6. heavymoose

    heavymoose Fire Starter

    The ribs turned out great.  I think I put a little to much rub on them, but they were still really good.  Here are some final pictures.

  7. bear55

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    Looks great.
  8. waterinholebrew

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    Nice lookin ribbies ! Thumbs Up
  9.                                                                  GOOD JOB 
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    Broccoli with a little shredded cheese and whatever. Yum. Ribs look yum! [​IMG]
  11. smokeburns

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    Nothing like fresh meat from a farmer! Those look great!

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