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  1. morningwood

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    Completed my first smoke with my new MES40. I also used the new AMNPS which worked perfectly.

    Started off with a few racks of baby backs from Costco rubbed em down and set them in the smoker set at 230 Deg

    At about 2 hours and 15 minuted Foiled them

    Back on in the foil

    2 hours in the foil and I sauced them

    They were delicious.... Thanks to this great forum for all the tips...

    Any suggestions? Should I have trimmed them more before cooking?

    I  learned something new today, Don't tell 2 many people that your smoking ribs because they just seem to find there way over your house!!!
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  2. Man! The exterior of those ribs look SPOT ON! Excellent first run brother!

    My only concern would be the apparent lack of a decent "smoke ring"... but that could be due to the camera angle...

    If they taste good to you, they ARE GOOD, and that what matters most!

    Any way you slice them, I'm going to bump up your      [​IMG]based on your creative screen name and the fact you posted up some good looking Q.View right off the start... Nicely done.
  3. dave from mesa

    dave from mesa Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    No smoke ring in an electric smoker. No flavor in the ring anyway.

    Nice job there Wood. Looks real good.

    Happy smoking.

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  4. Great job.  I will be trying the pork ribs soon for the first time.  following the advice here since I never cooked pork ribs before, ever.

  5. noshrimp

    noshrimp Smoke Blower

    Ribs look nice! Great work.
  6. morningwood

    morningwood Newbie

    Thanks for the comments! This was the first time smoking so I know I still have alot to learn... Think I'm going to try a few Boston Butts and some more Ribs for the superbowl!

    My wife keeps asking what in doing on the computer all the time... I just tell her. "I'm looking at Butts!" [​IMG]  
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  7. so ms smoker

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     Good answer!  Just tell her you are looking at Q-porn!  Nice looking ribs ![​IMG]  Has she asked you yet why you are taking pics of dinner?


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