ribs with no foil

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  1. Alarm just went off to wrap the ribs. I am about 1/2 beers in to my lounge chair in the shade after 2 1/2 days of yard work. Maverick says temp is holding on the pg500 so the ribs are just going to have to fend for their self for 2-3 more hours. I'm guessing the will still come out good
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  2. Yup your ribs will still turn out great without foiling - I use the bend test to tell when they are done  [​IMG]   Don't forget pics for us to drool over & get some rest  [​IMG]
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    I never foil ribs.  But instead of the bend test I go to toothpick tender.   Its all the same at the end, I just dont have to pick them up.

    I did 2 rack last night and they took 4 hours.

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