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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smokingweasel, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. smokingweasel

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    Went to the neighborhood rousses. All the babies were frozen so I went for a set of spares. Rubbed em down for the over/under fired to 200 with some mesquite flowing and threw them on. Using a commercial rub today "rub a butt". I usually just smoke the ribs without bother until they are done and I'm always happy but this time I'll try the wrapping for one hour and unwrap for the last hour. Hoping this will give a different effect. If not I won't be too disappointed. I got a igrill mini probe and they will get taken off at temp so no matter what it'll be good for us. Didn't have any customers this weekend so decided I'd work on my rib technique. You can never have enough practice....:)
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    Good luck with it. dont forget to add some pictures of the smoke
  3. smokingweasel

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    Just got them on. Using an old grills cast iron grate as a shelf in the bottom of the smoke chamber I added a casserole dish full of water. Big fan of water pans.
  4. smokingweasel

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  5. smokinal

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    Looks like a great start!

  6. smokingweasel

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    Also the last rack I cooked, both probes(one old one new) were both reading 225, but the ribs cooked in only 2 hrs. Although they were awesome I had doubts about my the temp being correct. I suspect since the firebox sits at a 45 degree from the chamber that there's more heat radiating through the 3/8 steel and making the back hot. This did not prove correct when smoking my butts but a set of ribs being done in two hrs was just mind blowing for me as I prefer low and slow for all pork. I'll be using more probes and a laser temp gun to test on my next smoke. I forgot to get it this weekend. But so far so good, 1 hr 20 mins in I'm at 136.
  7. smokingweasel

    smokingweasel Fire Starter

    Alright so 3 hrs in, tooi them off and put in foil with some butter, sugar, more rub, and some water. Waiting on 190. I got this from someone on here forgot the name. But thanks anyways man! It all happened to quick to take pics cuz of me being a stickler about temp and time but I'll post the final product. Hope to be really getting close to my picture of the perfect rib. Then it's on to defining the details.
  8. smokingweasel

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    Bone side up in the foil
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  9. smokingweasel

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    Taste test coming in 20 mins
  10. betaboy

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    Looks darn good to me! Very fun experimenting. Waiting on the results!
  11. b-one

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    Still waiting for the results?:biggrin: Small load for the size of the smoker what about leftovers for lunch and snacks?:devil:
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    Taste test proved to be better than any other rib ive.cooked. This is the closest ive.come.to competition ribs. Meat easily bitten off the bone with teeth marks, tenderness making the chew minimum, flavor only lacking in a little spice. The consensus is to do the same thing with slightly more spice. And with baby backs not Spares. I trust the majority.peraonalky I loved them, with a small criticism of how much rub I had. The bite was perfect except that some rub got caught in your teeth. Not bad but not perfect for a judge. So next time I'll fix it. Besides that.....cook time, flavor, tenderness, smoke line, was all good.
  13. redheelerdog

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    Looking good weasel, Keep up the good work.
  14. lancep

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    Looks great man! Always exciting when you start dialing in your version of perfect. What kind smoker is that?
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  15. millerbuilds

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    Great Looking Ribs!

    I agree with b-one, that is a small load :)

    Smoke ON!

    - Jason

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