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  1. Hey all,

    Going to toss some ribs on tomorrow and wanted all the expert opinions on this. I've got em sitting over night with a mustard coat and rub layer and intend to do the normal 3-2-1 cooking method.

    When I do my ribs in MES 40, the bark isn't where I want it and quite frankly, I like the taste of the grill as well. My question is, has anyone tried and succeeded doing 3 and 2 in the smoker and 1 over a flame on the grill?

    Any input would be appreciated.

  2. Oh yeah, I do it all the time.  3-2 then finish on the grill.  Many times when I buy ribs, instead of freezing them raw.I'll do the 3-2 in the smoker. Pull them off and let them cool, vac seal them then freeze. Thaw em and throw em on the grill and good to go in an hour.

    My son and his wife came over for ribs last Sunday. I did the ribs in the smoker  the day before 3-2, refrigerated and finished  and glazed on the grill  Sunday.  They came out great.
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  3. Thanks for the reply Mike. Couple more questions... When you do em on the grill, do you flip, meat side up etc? How often do you mop w/ sauce. And what temp, do you keep it low? Indirect heat?
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    I've done the same type thing a couple times now, 3-2 part of the cook then flash freeze them, but I reheat them in vacuum bag and sous vide for about an hour, then I throw them on the grill at high heat (or just pull out a torch and torch them) for a few minutes -- sometimes, but not always adding some BBQ sauce to caramelize, it depends what I did to the ribs during the first portion of the cook :)

    I actually think I prefer them done like this, after you vacuum pack them and leave them for a bit they really take on the flavors very nicely.  I just pulled out some pre-cooked and frozen leftover pulled pork for some fatties today and re-heated with sous vide as well, and I think it was actually better than the first go around (I didn't think this was possible) :)
  5. I start with indirect med heat, meat side up til they get up to temp. I'm not big on a lot of BBQ sauce, So I just do a light brush with sauce for a nice finish/shine/ glaze over low burners flipping once or twice to avoid burning the glaze.

    Really no right or wrong way to do it. Just whatever way works best for you.Enjoy!

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