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  1. In between Saturday and Monday is Ribday.  I was stuck on an errand so I did a 3-2 smoke and would do so again without fear. 

    1/4 Cup   dark brown sugar
    1/4 Cup    Spanish paprika
    2 tbsp   kosher (I used key lime seasoned) salt
    1 tbsp    coarse ground black pepper
    1 tbsp    ground white pepper
    2 tsp        cayenne pepper (use less if heat isn't your thing) 
    1 tsp   ground thyme

    Dash of Chipotle

    Take some yellow mustard and schmear the ribs, then rub the rub on the ribs. 

    3hrs @225 with peach wood your ready to spritz (I used peach lemonade) foil for another 2 hours.

    While that's getting ready, make some stuffed peppers. 

    8-10 jalapenos

    Cream cheese

    Sharp Cheddar


    Panko crumbs


    Black pepper

    Onion powder

    3 cooked and chopped slices of bacon

    I don't know the measurements, maybe a teaspoon of the spices, 1/4 cup of everything else, mix.  Don't be afraid to taste it.  Stuff the peppers.  225F for an hour, longer if you want a mushy skin.  I like it a little crunchy, but not raw.

    After 2 hours in the foil, unwrap and dab the tears away.

    Pour a good lager or Pilsner, and let the good times roll...
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    Looks GREAT! thanks for sharing.

    Happy smoken.

  3. flash

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    Do the pepper ever invert while their smoking??
  4. Never.  The only trick is making sure you don't split the pepper with the skewer, and that isn't so much of a concern, just the only one.  That's stainless kabob skewer that I had laying around. 
  5. hillbillyrkstr

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    Looking good! I'd eat all that!

    Wrap them peppers in bacon and finish over the grill to crisp the bacon to take them to the next level!
  6. For reasons I can't explain I cooked and chopped the bacon up and put it in the cheese.  They are good wrapped up...
  7. tonybel

    tonybel Smoking Fanatic

    Looks great!
    Thanks for sharing.

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