Ribs on weber kettle!

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  1. Hello just started really getting into smoking/grilling meats. I've done tri tip a few times, want to try ribs next. Any suggestions on rubs or seasoning and BBQ sauces. I have been using my weber 22.5 charcoal grill so far I've been doin pretty good with it! Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome! I don't think you can go wrong with most of the commercial ribs and BBQ sauces out there. Check out the posts below for lots of recipes for the do it yourselfer.
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    The Weber is great for doing ribs. If you have a rib rack then you can get more in at one time. When first starting out, often the challenge with slow cooking in the Weber is with maintaining the lower temperatures consistently. By using Minion or snake methods and carefully balancing both top and bottom vents you should be able to maintain a constant 230 F (110 C) for 6 to 8 hours.

    I have always found that the 3-2-1 method works well for me but others find that a straight 5 hours works well for them too. Whichever way you go you should end up with good textured ribs.

    Before you apply any rub then I find it is best to first remove the membrane as this will both help the rub penetrate from both sides and will not end up chewy at the end. Some don't bother to remove it however I think most people do. I always do.

    If you are making your own rub then you are likely to either already have one you like or will be following a recommended recipe. If you are buying a rub then try to pick one where salt is not the first ingredient. If salt and sugar are both at the top of the list then that one is really best avoided. Once you have applied the rub onto the ribs then either wrap in plastic or vac pac and leave in the fridge overnight. When applying the rub do what the name suggests - rub it well into all of the surfaces. You do not need to leave a cake of rub around the ribs - once you have rubbed it in then gently shake off any loose rub before refrigerating overnight.

    I don't usually use any BBQ sauce during the cooking - I prefer to let people add it at the end if they want to as they are eating it. 

    I hope this helps
  4. Thank you both! Really appreciate it!
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    I can always recommend Jeff's rub and sauce recipe.  It produces great results and is easy to mix up yourself.
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    Hello , Rudy. hope you found our Neighborhood inviting and decide to be one of us.

    Catch all the good hint and methods here and decide on a method you like, then send Q-View (pics)of your finished "Que" or even a

    project you have in mind, we invite all

    subjects that are Family oriented , builds , crafts , recipes , anything . We have forums for the all  just post and wait (after a few post you will see you post quicker...)

    Now as for my method, I am Lazy and don't do a lot with my Meat , now Ribs I do not marinade , Brine , trim or anything else

    except to Run my mix into them and put them on@225*F , shot the lid for the time I feel it is ready(that takes time to learn) and

    leave the lid closed the entire time...

    Look at the 3-2-1 for spares or the 2-2-1 for Babybacks . When you get your "Que' legs , you can start experimenting.

    We wish you a great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas , and as always . . .
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