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Discussion in 'Pork' started by orng95bagdacord, Jul 11, 2013.

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    My little girl fell in love with ribs over the weekend is not a fan on spicy food. My rubs has some spice to it.anyone have a good"not spicy rub..... Gonna do some baby back. Or spare ribs any suggestions on a easy mop with no spices in it?
  2. Don't know what the "spice" is in your rub and if you are referring to "heat" but you could make a small recipe of it omitting the "spice" she doesn't like. If it's cayenne or crushed red pepper, just leave it out.

    I used to spritz my ribs with apple juice.
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    Try an old method an old man taught me a long time ago. Flavor with no heat(spiciness).

    Salt and Lightly Pepper the Ribs and Smoke with a mild wood like Cherry (goes well with Pork anyhow) and spritz with a mix of the Apple juice as Alesia mentioned , and Cidervinegar). You'll get a nice sweet smoke flavor with a nice Apple kick; and the vinegar will help tenderize the Ribs.

    Have fun and ...
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    For the kids, here is one technique that I use and they really love it.

    First, soak the ribs for 24-48 hours in cherry coke. I like to puree maraschino cherries and mix with Mexican Coca-Cola, as that is cane-sugar based. But you can use any brand of corn-syrup based cherry cola in a pinch. You can even use Dr. Pepper if you like the taste of that. I don't. Just don't use diet.

    After that, you may or may not use a mild rub. When cooking, spritz or mop frequently with the cherry coke, and smoke as usual with cherry wood. What you are going for is a carmelization of the sugars on the outside of the ribs. Kids usually like them falling-off-the-bones tender, but you may use discretion.
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  7. Wow that sounds good!
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    I use Dr Pepper for my Briskets when I foil them....then back in the smoker.

    It works and has a great flavor.

  9. I used this rub recently on chicken recently and even someone like my sister who can't handle any spice loved it. Highly recommend JJ's Mild Bubba Q rub
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    so im going to rub the ribs down tonight and tom use the 2-2-1 method. when i put them in the foil i was going to sprits them with apple juice and then when i take them out spray them again......is tha tok or should i be apply apple juice more or less..
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    I have the same issue in my house, I just leave out the spicy stuff and cut back on the black pepper.  The integrity of the rub doesn't suffer and the heat is gone.

    Good luck

  13. I lower the black pepper and eliminate cayenne. You can add some pizza pepper flakes on top of the rub for a little heat, that does not seem to bother the "too spicy" people in my camp.
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    Trying those out for this weekend.  3 racks are soaking in cherry cola right now.  Cooking commences tomorrow at 6:00 in the morning.
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    For the kids I just use jeffs rub minus the cayenne powder.
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    I must say that if you haven't tried the cherry coke on ribs, you should. I just used that and a simple SPG rub until the last hour. I added a cherry coke BBQ at the end. I made sure the cherry flavor stayed with the sauce. Wonderful ribs.
  17. mneeley490

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    Glad you liked it. I also make a cherry coke version of my basic bbq sauce for these ribs. Never had a complaint.

    As I recall, the first time I made these, it was for a friend of mine who just had oral surgery, and couldn't chew anything tough. (Golf ball hit him square in the front teeth.) So I made them fall-off-the-bone tender for him. He still raves about them today.

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