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Discussion in 'Pork' started by russmn, Apr 15, 2016.

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    K guys ... Im kinda newer at this but I think I have my ribs down to a pretty dang good art but I'd like to see how others are cooking them... First off researching in the web always says 3 2 1 method ... From my experience I thought wow that's to long so after I built my new uds ... I did 2 2 1 instead ... The ribs were great !!!! But one thing I didn't like was when trying to go from foil back to te smoker the ribs busted in Half or even thirds lol yes I was careful... The other night I shaved off about 20 min and they were still Delish ... I cook at 250 .... 1st hour bone side down 2nd hour meat down ... Foil with rub and tabs of butter running the length of the rack with a 1/4 cup liquid(whatever I have) in the foil it's meat side down .. Then last hour I will do 1/2 hour meat side up and flip for the remainder of the time! I also use mustard and apply rub prior to smoking and I add some rub through out the process !! If anyone has any other variations of this let me know ... I'd like to try another method just to compare
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    [​IMG]   You are going to get a lot of personal preferences on this like mine I never wrap anything. I think yours were over cooked and the steam from juice in the foil helped to do that I never cook over 225. I remove the membrane and apply the rub place meat side up and never open smoker until they reach IT that I want and that being around 155 to 160.
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    This is only my opinion and my $0.02 worth, but it's what works for me.

    1. Yes, mustard slather and good coat of Jeff's rub and let sit for about 1/2 hour. No more rub during the cook.
    2. Your 250* is good. I range from 250-275* in my smoker.
    3. If you're doing spares, I would smoke for +/- 4 hours and check for a good bend. When the bend is good, sauce/glaze with Jeff's sauce and again at 15 minutes
    4. NO FOIL
    5. After 15 minutes of the second saucing, take out and rest for 30 minutes.
    6. Slice and serve.
    7. Bone side down during entire cook.

    My ribs turn out very tasty and tender with a slight tug. My friends and family really like them.

    Good luck and keep smokin', Joe.
  5. I used to do 3 2 1 method. To much work. Lol I l foil and also do no foil. I like them both. Noticed the foil ones are a bit more juicy.
    This is how I do ribs now. And they come out great with excellent bark and very moist. Trim your membrane. Apply rub 8 to 24 hrs in advance. Put on smoker for about 3.5 to 4 hrs. Wrap in foil and put on baking sheet. No liquid or anything. Put in oven at 250 for about 1.5 to 2 hrs. Pull out and enjoy. Bark is firm and ribs stay more juicy.

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    The 3-2-1 is just a starting point for Full Spare Ribs, to be adjusted by the size of the rack & the preference of the user.

    The 2-2-1 is the same thing, but for BabyBacks.

    My times are slightly different, and can be seen at the following links:

    Pork Spare Ribs

    Baby Back Ribs

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    Thanks for the responses !!!!! This is a great forum .... Ok guys ... So y don't u foil your ribs ??? I always read foil no foil but nobody really says y not to foil ? Also irun my smoker at 250 simply because if there is a temp drop I'm still happy with the temp ... For some reason when I see that temp gauge hit 200 it scares the heck out of me lol
  9. Sound to me like you figured it out,  I have left ribs foiled too long and they were falling apart, Check them about an hour in and see if they are ready or need more time.  The advice I always give is

    "Get to Know your Smoker"  I promise after you figure out what you like and do it a few times, it will be second nature easy, easy, easy.

    I rarely go the full 2 hours in foil.

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    Like Half Smoked said at the beginning of this - you will get many different opinions on this site.

    The more you practice (and keep notes!!!) the more you will focus in on what you (and your eaters) really like best.

    Remember that times are all approximate. You have to learn how to check the doneness of your meat by touch and looks. When you think you want to foil pick up one of your rib racks with tongs. If it is firm try foiling for 1 1/2 hours then check again. If it is already bending way over you may need to skip the foil. Practice; keep notes; enjoy yourself.

    That's my .02.................
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    Agreed on the notes and no matter what plan ahead so I can make adjustments!! I also need a thermometer .. Well a more of an instant read one mine sucks for checking ribs !! But I can't justify 150 on a thermopen lol
  12. Meat Thermometer is a good thing to have I have several, use them a lot but never on ribs.


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