RIbs and smoked beans

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  1. cmack

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    Put on 2 racks of St. Louis ribs and a pan of beans. 1st run since the repair job.[​IMG]
  2. cmack

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    MES 40 worked just fine! That's pretty much the only bright spot to this cook. I tried using straight hickory pellets in the cold smoker and it put a terrible funk on the ribs and beans. Oh well, live and learn. The tater salad was good though.

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  3. waterinholebrew

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    Everything looks awesome, sorry they didn't turn out the way ya wanted !

    If ya can give us some more detailed info on exactly how ya done your smoke... From prep to table, we'll help ya out !
  4. cmack

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    I used St. Louis ribs with membrane removed. Allowed to come to room temp, rubbed with salt, black pepper, garlic powder and brown sugar. set the MES @ 250. loaded the cold smoke attachment with hickory pellets. Let them cook 3.5 hours, ribs were perfectly cooked but had that funky creosote/astray type taste and also were a little shy on salt. Next time I'll go back to wood chips instead of pellets and think it's time to find a good commercial rib rub.Any suggestions? The MES is sure convenient but other than smoking hams and sausage, I find I produce better product on my big stick burner.
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