Ribs and Rib Tips

Discussion in 'Pork' started by vernons70, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. About 2 more hours ago.
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    Lookin tasty ! Thumbs Up
  3. Looks great! Did you trim them yourself?
  4. Yes. I am getting better at it.
  5. Yeah good job man. I normally smoke the tips as a single slab. Sometimes the rib tips smoked whole are really moist and tasty
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    VS70, Nice job, they look awesome !
  7. Only picture of the finished product. They went fast. Thanks everyone for looking.
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    Nice looking rack!:biggrin:
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    Nicely done!
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    Nice job. Those look great 👍
  11. So you smoke yours as a slab.  I've been putting off getting the Costco side ribs since they have the rib tips still on, and I'm not very clear on what to do with them.     So if I'm understanding correctly, you just trim yours off in a single piece.   

    Question:   When researching this is just always says 'cut off' or trim.   But am I cutting through bone, or is there a separation in there that doesn't show clearly in pictures.

    Ok, half an hour after posting I found a site with a really clear description.    I would be cutting through cartilage, not bone...d'uh.  And how to find seems dependent on having the meat in your hand, not just viewing pictures.  OK, fair enough.

    But maybe you can tell me if I have to search for this 'soft spot' on each bone, or do you just mostly cut straight across?

    Once I have them off, do I cook them just like the other ribs?   Maybe less time?    Do I serve them like ribs? (cut them apart and they are just their own little bones?)

    I really have tried to research this, but having never actually handled the cut of meat the pictures are a little vague.

    Thanks so much.   [​IMG]  
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