Ribs and Chicken Quarters

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    I've finally got to smoking again, between too high of heat.& humidity days, and now between rains.

    The last three smokes I've done has been a pleasure in spite of heat and humidity. 

    I quit worrying about side to side, or top to bottom, temps so much. 

    As long as chamber stays consistent near the temps I want, I'm good with that.  I can always rotate meat near or far of fireside.

    I've smoked steaks and brats together, Ribs, and Ribs and Chicken together.  All turned out great.  And I wasn't stressed much about being perfect on temps side to side, or top to bottom.

    I just tracked them for awhile with Maverick and then let it roll.

    The steaks I started slow @ 170* and increased temps as I went. (reverse sear) As I approached 190* in chamber, I added the fresh brats to warm.  Just before the steak steak reached 100* IT, I added hot coals to sfb, quickly raising temps.  When steaks hit 115*-120*  I seared them off to 125*-135* and served my guests.  Brats quickly reach IT of 160* with the hotter fire, and I seared them by rolling across the grate directly over fire coals.  Served at 170*-180* IT.  Juicy!

    Here is my ribs and chicken quarters from Monday.

    On to the smoker

    I slid my grease catching/smoke & heat/deflecting foil pans away from the SFB, to allow more heat on the chicken side.

    I also put the thigh ends nearest to the hotter side, as they take the longest to cook (my sfb in on the right).  This worked well.

    I kept chicken away from ribs to avoid cross contamination.  See?  I do learn from SMF!

    When chicken reached 165*-175-n thigh, I seared on sfb with grate.

    I returned chicken to smoker, ABOUT 1/2 HOUR.  I sauced 3 of them, and left 2 plain.

    When they were 180*-185* in thigh, I pulled them for our dinner. Forgot to take pics of dinner, but they were great.

    Ribs just beginning to give up some juice on top.  Waited an hour more for ribs, and then foiled ribs for 1 & 1/2 hours.

    Ribs out of foil, and back on smoker for another hour.  I decided to sauce these ribs.  I like them both sauced and not sauced.

    Depends on my mood that day.  LOL

    Chicken turned out great, but I had to hold them foiled about 3 hours until wife got home.   

    My crispy grilled skin, had turned to rubber again.  LOL 

    Best to eat them straight from the smoker/grill.  I prefer to cook my chicken at higher temps than I had to do these.

    Ribs were perfection!  If I can remember, I will show you a plated dinner tomorrow with them.

    Had to compromise with the temps.

    A little hotter than I like for ribs, and a little lower temps than I like for chicken.

    But, I saved time and fuel by doing both at same time, and it was all good in the end anyway.

    edited to add photo's of taste test.

    These are the small flap ends, and they still are juicy, even after reheating.  Not fall off the bones this time, like I had with my last ones.

    These were perfect!  Just a decent tug to get off the bone.

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    Good looking cook, Frank. Like you I don't fuss much over cook temp anymore, so long as it doesn't get too low or too high I let it ride.
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    Thanks Cliff,  I think I learned from you, not to stress out so much.  LOL

    This thread is actually an extension of the, "Do Mods help? really?" thread.

    I will be posting in that thread tomorrow, to show how the foil was located.  I couldn't get pic before because of fire box obscuring the see through to chamber.

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