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    Im fairly new to smoking, til now I mostly grilled. I was able to get my hands on some Farmland Pork Riblets and would like to know the best way to prepare them...temp, time, wrapped/unwrapped, liquid/no liquid, etc? Im using an Outdoor Gourmet Triton grill with offset firebox. Its pretty thin metal, made in China so it loses heat fairly easy. I put a gasket on both lids, chamber and firebox to keep as much of the heat and smoke from escaping as possible. I also extended the exhaust vent down as close to the grate as possible and made a makeshift baffle to even out the heat in the chamber the best I could. Im planning on using charcoal and apple wood chunks as the fuel source. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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    Smokinpooh , hello . Haven't had the pleasure , Stan here ...

    Ribs are 'fairly ' east to do if you follow some tips . Yours are Riblets so you'll have to keep an eye on the (IMT) temp. (above 165*F or as done as you want , I like mine around 185*F ) or toothpick tender (can't do the bend test with these). I cook @ 225*F average . and "GUESTIMATE" time to doneness ,appox. 6 hrs. for Spares and 5 for BB's . I don't wrap and cook no foil until done then wrap and towel.

    Sounds like you are set with the Mods . you did , watch your temps. and use the time as ONLY a judgement .

    Have fun and . . .
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    Thank you for the tips oldschoolbbq. I built a charcoal basket for the firebox, approx. 12x8x11h, should I fill that thing all the way up or just about half?
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  4. Depends on the heat generated by the fire box.  Im an Electric user so I don't know how much Charcoal gets you to 250F (or whatever temp you wanna use). 

    Post a pic of the riblets.......those should take less time than say babybacks and or spares.   You may only have a 2 to 3 hour smoke so 1/2 a chamber may be enough.

  5. ibbones

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    I'm about to throw some riblets in the smoker and am hoping it does not take longer than two hours.  These things (or at least the one's I have) are paper thin and mostly flat bone.  Not much meat but they sure are good to eat.

    How did yours finish out?
  6. smokinpooh

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    Thanks for the tip guys. ibbones-mine wont be at the distributor until Monday so Im shooting for Tuesday to fire these bad boys off? How di yours turn out? I think I got my plan down. Im going to do two 5lb batches. Im going to use the McCormick Grill Mates Sweet & Smokey Rub and Cowboy Rub. Should I marinate or brine these?
  7. chef willie

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    Will be liking to see some pics....riblets are starting to hit the shelves around here as well and I understand some Chinese restaurants are starting to use them as stand-ins for their ribs, especially on buffet style setups to cut costs.....Willie
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    Will post pics of the entire process and end result. Theyre not on the shelves in Oklahoma. Ive looked everywhere. Finally went straight to a distributor and bought the directly from him.
  9. ibbones

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    They were really good.  But when cooking something that's as thick as a nickel, it does not take long.  Overcooking is easy (yep, guess what I did).  Some were sort of thick and some were really thin so there were some tough spots.

    Good luck on yours.

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