Ribeyes on the “Q”

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    Ribeyes on the “Q”

    After running out of Ribeyes, and having to suffer through a couple of “Choice” T-Bones, Mrs Bear & I went on a serious Emergency Ribeye hunt.

    The best we could do was a couple of Family Packs of “Select” Ribeyes @ $7.98 per LB.

    I wasn’t sure about buying “Select”, because we always get “Choice”, but I gotta say the first 2 of the 6 we bought were a lot closer to the Choice Ribeyes we usually get than to the Tough “Choice” T-Bones.

    We were both so happy with these “Select” Ribeyes that depending on the future prices, we won’t be afraid to buy these again!!!

    So after a few hours coated with Teriyaki Marinade, onto the Weber “Q” they went.

    You can see the rest below.


    Two Nice Ribeyes after a few hours of Teriyaki Marinade:

    Last time at my Temporary Grilling Space——Porch Upgrade is Completed now:

    I can’t Wait !!!

    All Done:

    Bear’s Supper of Ribeye (Select), with Onion Rings on a Hot Plate. No room for Baked Tater on a separate dish with Butter:

    Almost forgot to show the nice color inside!!! Dang I love these Ribeyes!!
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  2. worktogthr

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    Another fine looking steak Bear! I got a steal on Craigslist with the same grill you have there and I'll tell you for the small amount of space it takes up plus the fairly large grilling capacity, that bad boy gets hot fast and is great for steaks!! I've tried my hand at some select steaks and found them quite good. Especially fattier cuts like rib eye. Makes me feel like I'm eating health food haha
  3. Mighty nice looking Ribeye's    Ribeye has always been my favorite       Nice job

  4. Yum!!! Just absolutely yum!!! So good to see!! Fabulous! Cheers! - Leah
  5. shoebe

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    love those ribeyes...best steak out there if you ask me...
  6. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Thank You!!

    This isn't Health Food???  Uh Oh!

    Thank You Gary!!

    And Thanks for the Point.

  7. twoalpha

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    Great looking steak and taters. Bear's need protein.  [​IMG]

  8. bearcarver

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    Thank You Leah!!

    Thank You!!

    I Agree!

  9. bearcarver

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    Thank You Larry!!!

    Yup---And a Hungry Bear is not a Pretty Thing!!!


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