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    What type of ribs are your favorites for easy fall off the bone eating? I'm new to smoking, had my smoker for just under a year. I've used Jeff's 3-2-1 recipe with great taste results. I think my problem is selecting the correct meat to start with. I've read a lot on Jeff's website for some other advice on ham, pork butt, brisket ect with great results. I live in Bixby [near Tulsa], believe it or not, the best meat selection I've found is at Sam's club. Does anyone else in the area have any suggestions where to purchase meat? Hey Jeff, I want some of your rub, do you have a store? Will you have a booth at the Bixby BBQ & Blues festival this year?


    Denny Lease
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    Denny, Welcome to the SMF Family...When you have time go to Roll Call and give some info on yourself and equipment. To answer your question, Baby Back Rib are easy and common. You pull them out of the pack rub them down, let rest and smoke them following the 2-2-1 method.

    My personal preference is for Spare Ribs cut St. Louis Style. However most stores sell just slabs of Spares and you have to cut them to make the SL slabs. It is not hard but takes some practice. You may find a Butcher in you area that custom cuts. Spare Ribs use the 3-2-1 method and are very good as well. Sign up for the free 5 day E-course and you will get a link to purchase the recipe for Jeff's Rub and Sauce at a discount. Have fun and Good Luck with all your Smokes...JJ

    Here is a link on how to cut Racks of Spare Ribs into St. Louis Racks...


    This is a link to my very popular Foiling Juice that takes the " 2 " in 3-2-1 to a whole new level. Really tasty and goes Great with Jeff's Rub!...


    5 Day E-course...

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    Thanks for the tips. Do you know any stores in the Tulsa area that will cut the slab of ribs as you have mentioed. Do you have a favorite meat store? Also, where can I find roll call?
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    If you click on "Forum" at the top of the page "Roll Call" is the first on the list.
  5. I second the Sam's option...as least where I live, that's as good as it gets

    I'd go spare and work with the whole slab, then trim as needs dictate later--the butchers around here tell me the trimmed  meat will end up costing about the same as my slab, so I keep the slab and therefore the dogs, happy :)
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    Sam`s BB 2-2-1

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