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    Not really sure where to post this, It started out as a rib post but I never got any finished pic's before they were gone. Then it was a sausage post, but had a blow out with my last casing. Ended up with a good tasting lunch meat loaf. We need a potted meat section I guess

    Bmudd sent me a generous size sample of his rub for me to try out so I pulled out a couple racks of spare ribs and trimmed them down St Louis style. laid on the MuddRubb (my name for it, not Brian’s)
    smoked them the usual 321 method and they came out great. Brian’s rub is very good and I need to try it on some other things real soon. Thanks again Brian.

    After trimming the ribs I deboned the left over meat and ground it for sausage and decided for a spice mix I'd go with Brian’s rub. I added it at 1.5% of the meat weight alone with the proper amount of cure #1

    Second grind with 1/8" plate, by the color I'd say I got enough fat in it.

    All was going well till I over worked the casing trying to remove a couple air pockets and it split. the worst part about it is since I only had 3 pounds of meat I thought instead of dirtying up the stuffer I'd do by hand........what a pain that is.

    At this point with no more large casings in the house and 3 pounds of meat on the counter I went for a loaf pan, packed the meat in tight and let it rest while I warmed up the oven.

    heated the oven to 250 and placed a large pan of water in it, then placed the loaf pans in the water to slow cook... sort of a Bain-Marie style. After about an hour I inserted a thermo probe and waited till it hit 158° and this is what I ended up with.

    With the smaller one I coated the dish with fresh ground pepper then filled it with the meat.

    Over all I'm real happy with the results, the rub gave it a great flavor but it could be a little more pronounced, so next time I go maybe 2-3 percent.
    definitely worth trying it again. Sure makes a great sammie!!

    Thanks for looking,
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    Did you add the cure for flavor/color? I'm still learning.
  3. roller

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    That looks really good !
  4. Looks delicious, esp with the peppered outside. Now I wanna try something like this. Hope you don't mind answering a couple questions:

    Can you compare amount of fat in your rib trim to grinding up an average butt? Store-bought ground pork?

    How deep water did you use in your water pan? Just an inch or so, or enough to go almost to the top of the loaf pans? Did you cover the loaf pans or just leave them open?

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    Sure looks great Dan... Did you slice that by hand or use a slicer...


    Just a heads up. Cure doesnt add flavor to meat , it preserve it and color will be a change factor

  6. danmcg

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    sliced it by hand Joe, I still own one good knife.
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    Dan, that's some good looking lunchmeat!  Another thing added to the "I have to try this"  list!  [​IMG]
  8. That's some great looking lunchmeat!!!

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