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Discussion in 'Pork' started by mnfred, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. I am going to do some Baby Backs tomorrow, for some friends, and have a question about how long before smoking them should I apply the rub. The rub recipe I am using says to put it on two hours before, but I am thinking of putting it on the night before. The longer time would seem better, in my opinion, for the spices to penetrate the meat. Is that the goal to shoot for? Also would applying EVOO before putting on the rub change your opinion about the time needed?
  2. danbury

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    I usually put the rub on mine about 12 to 14 hours before. Having said that, there are pros and cons to putting rubs that are heavy with salt on too long. It can tend to draw moisture out and sometimes dry the meat out. Not much of a problem with butts or big cuts, but sometimes on bb-ribs you can. I don't use as much salt when I make my rub for ribs.

    Will get differing opinions on EVOO or mustard. As much as I like EVOO, I just never use it on my bbq. I don't use anything before the rub anymore, but would use mustard again if I were to start using "glue".

    You can't really go wrong either way, just ease up on the salt if you go long on the rub.
  3. I have done 3 racks of BB so far in my short career, i have put the rub on an hour or two prior to dropping them in , and done one overnight with rub. Both were excellent, I have never done mustard or EVOO. Are you doing the 2-1-1 method ?
  4. bigsteve

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    What Dan said about salt, and sitting too long. Most of the time, I put rub on the night before. But only because it makes for one less thing to do in the morning. I've never noticed a differance between 1 hour and 12 hours.

    I use olive oil. It helps some of the spices disolve, imparts a pleasant taste, and is way less messy.
  5. Yes I am going to do the 2-2-1 method with some apple juice in the foil. That may draw out some of the saltiness etc. I'm not sure as I have never done them that way before.
  6. danbury

    danbury Smoking Fanatic

    I always ask this when the subject of salt comes up with ribs. Are those one of those pre-packaged ribs such as Hormel or one of the other brands, or are they fresh butcher shop or packaged by the meat dept. at the grocery store where you got them? If they are those pre-packaged ribs like Hormel, read the package and see if they are "Enhanced". If so... they will more than likely be salty no matter what you do. Regardless, let us know what you do and be sure to post pictures!
  7. mballi3011

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    I have always rubbed my ribs the night before and wrap them with saran wrap but my rub does have alot of salt in it. When I take them out there is moisture inside the wrap but not that much. Now as far as Evoo or mustard I have used it on my butts but not my ribs. I never buy like dan said per seasoned or enhanced meat before I have seen on the news that sores do that to hide spoiling or out dated meat. I'm not accusing anyone but they have found it true around here. If it's here it's surely everywhere.
  8. eaglewing

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    I've never had bad ribs using my rub and only letting them sit for a while. I have not over-nighted yet. INFACT THOUGH, I was going to try it to see if I noticed a difference.

    One thing I do that might not make over-night a good idea is I put the SKIN SIDE under hot tape water for about 10 sec. which totally helps pull that skin/film off the meat.
    I'll bet it wouldn't be a good idea to do that and then throw them back into the fridge.
    Maybe I could get a little input on this without hyjacking the thread too much.
  9. tasunkawitko

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    the longer the better - overnight is great!
  10. jirodriguez

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    I would think you would be fine putting them back in the fridge. 10 seconds is not enough time to warm more than the outer surface. The heat doesn't have time to penetrate and bring the internall temp of the meat up.

    On the main topic - I usually prep my smoker (but don't light it - coal burner), prep my meat(s) and apply rubs, put meats back in fridge, fire up the smoker and get it up to temp (roughly 45 minutes to 1 hr) - and add meat! Have yet to have a bad rack of ribs [​IMG]
  11. danbury

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    Yep, that's what I do. I have some stuff ready for tomorrow morning (thread in the beef topic). I got the coal basket out of the UDS, loaded and sitting in the barn. I have to fire the pit up around 4 in the morning tomorrow. The only other thing that I do is take the meat out of of the refrige about an hour to an hour and a half before I put on the pit to knock the chill off and let some of the surface moisture dry off. Usually put a little fan on it.
  12. meat hunter

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    I usually cut the salt in any given recipe in half so sitting in salt is not really an issue for me. I also use my own rub that is nothing more than the ingredients I like from others. I say let the rub sit on the meat over night. Wrapped up tight in saran wrap. You gotta give them spices a chance to know one another. As far as using any EVOO, I have not done that. I usually apply to rub right on the meat, and every once in a while, use mustard as a base. As long as you dont have any one overpowering spice in your rub, leaving it on overnight is the way to go.
  13. eaglewing

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    That is all I'm trying to do... and it really works too, the skin is a whole lot easier to peel off after some hot water hits it.
  14. alx

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    I always looked at rib meat like brisket-needs a long time smoked to tenderize etc.A marinade might penetrate some, but a rub????

    Most of the comp classes i have taken emphasize layering flavors for maximum flavor.75% of these folks rub 1-2 hours before cooking.

    If you foil- try the ribs meat side down with this combo brown sugar,honey,bbq sauce,rub and onion flakes on foil before you put meat side down in foil...

    Paul Kirk mentioned writing down the ingredients of every sauce, rub you like and replicating or trying too...
  15. norrell6

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    I know this is too late for you MNfred, but next time, try putting the rub on right before you smoke them. I get them out of the fridge and put the rub on. I let them set out and eventually the rub will turn into almost a syrup. Put a little more rub on and then put them on the smoker. Using the 3-2-1 method is fool proof when you dial it in for your set up. I have done a lot of ribs and I am convinced that there is no advantage to applying rub overnight. It is so much less work doing it the morning of.
  16. jirodriguez

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    Forgot to say thanks for the tip on using a little hot water to make it easier to peel the membrane off of the ribs! Will definately have to try that next time [​IMG]
  17. oneshot

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    Try some pineapple juice instead of regular apple juice. It adds some nice flavor...good luck and take plenty of pics for the Qview.......[​IMG]

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