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Discussion in 'Pork' started by wimpy69, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Just got off the phone with a request for four racks tonight. Have always prepped meat day before. Can i get by with docking the rub, have never done this and if i agree to cook, i need to get them on ASAP. Don't want to put out a sub par seasoned rib, since their plans include more down the road. Their willing to part with their money, so you get my drift. Anyone
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    I generally put the rub on my ribs just as the smoker is coming to temp. I've tried it the night before & I personally don't think it makes a big difference ! Just my 2 cents !
  3. timberjet

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    Same here. Not much meat to penetrate there. They will be fantastic I am sure.
  4. desertlites

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    What they ^ said.
  5. I'll go with 2 outta 3. They got spares which i'm going to break down to SLC . Gonna dock the briskets and see what happens. Skirts are for me. Gotta go sharpen my knife, meats on it's way. Thanks for the quick call back. Smoke on!
  6. 3 outta three, it's a winner
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    Whimpy , I always Rub and then start the fire . Like Waterhole , and they always look good and taste better ;

    I also use "no" foil ... and be sure to remove the membrane

  8. Old School, picture looks familiar-6 hours no foil, right? One thing led to another and people showed up with CSR'S. These are spare ribs aren't they,any way next week. Smoker was going, heating up and ran over to the market and grabbed a decent SLC with smaller bones. While there, saw a lower sodium Fatty roll for the wife @1.99 16oz, what  the heck. Tried one of my old rub's with almost no salt and raised the cayenne and cinnamon. Little fat trim and had it's strap. 3.5lbs. Used stubbs, buried 1.5 x 3 mulberry pieces (3 hrs), Charred hickory light smoke (1 hr), wrap 1hr, tighten up 1hr w/ honey apple juice glaze. Mopped with aj with a little rub in it. Temp avg 235. Test fatty came off after 3 hr, same app's. It was a nice rack, a little thick at the front but came out nice. I'll go with the sausage roll and bring the salt up with rub. At 1.99 i'm stocking up for the winter before prices get to high. Had my rub on for less than an hour and really am satisfied with the results. Thanks. Smoke on.




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