Rib-Eye Roast – boneless – apple/hickory smoked - with Pictures

Discussion in 'Beef' started by uncle eddie, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. uncle eddie

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    Boneless rib-eye roast was on sale at Sam’s so we bought a 4.9 pound whole roast.  I borrowed Bearcarver’s Prime Rib recipe once before and it was the best ever so we used it again on this rib-eye roast.   

    First thing I do is split the roast in half.  I do this for 3 reasons:
    • The smaller cuts help it cook much faster than one big roast
    • The seasoning does not have as far to penetrate
    • The smoked flavor is awesome on every piece, not just the ends and the edges.

    About 4 hours prior to smoking I season liberally with:
    • Worcestershire sauce – brushing the entire piece of meat completely wet
    • Salt
    • Pepper
    • Garlic powder

    After seasoning I bag it and let is rest in the fridge.  After a couple of hours I flip it to allow the juices to flow the other way.  Not sure that makes any difference or not, but that’s what I do.

    About 30 minutes before placing it in the smoker, I take it out of the fridge to allow it to warm a bit.  I also turn on the smoker (MES-40 2.5) to let it get to temp well before the rib-eye roast goes in it.  I set the temperature to 225F and I put about ½ inch of hot tap water in the pan as the smoking time is relatively short.  Since the weather was wonderful, I used the MES chip feeder and an apple/hickory blend for smoke instead of my AMZNPS.  I do not soak my chips.

    Total smoker time was 2h 15m. Here is the finished rib-eye roast, medium rare at 145F.

    This method yielded four huge, thick cut, 20 oz. (+/-) cuts of meat with smoked bottoms and edges.  Side dishes were garlic mashed potatoes and a huge salad.
  2. fpmich

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    That looks awesome Uncle!  [​IMG]Very nice cook!

    Looks more like 130*-135*, but I'll take your word for the 145* @ finish. 

    I never take mine that far, so I wouldn't know what 145* looks like with prime rib. 

    Wife and I are both rare, to medium rare, people. 125* to 135*  At least that's one thing we agree on.  LOL
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  3. smokinal

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    Looks absolutely delicious!

    Great job!

  4. b-one

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    Looks tasty!
  5. redheelerdog

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    That is amazing! Perfect holiday meal.

  6. uncle eddie

    uncle eddie Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    My thermometers are all calibrated.  

    I know what you mean though...the picture looks rarer than medium-rare for sure.
  7. disco

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    Nice smoke, good qview and nice thread. You gave me some new ideas. Definitely worth points!

  8. waterinholebrew

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    Awesome ! :drool
  9. bearcarver

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    Looks Great, Eddie!![​IMG]

    Looks Mighty Tasty!![​IMG]----[​IMG]

    I have to agree that it looks a lot more rare than 145°.

    My Calendar Pics (Below) are all between 137° and 144°, and they all look more done than yours. Maybe your Therm wasn't in the center.


    I like your idea of getting more Smoke & seasoning flavor by splitting in two.[​IMG]

    I would do that, but Mrs Bear doesn't want hers Smoky. [​IMG]


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