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Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by raspy87, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. raspy87

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    Hey fellow smokers!

    Northern Rhode Islander here new to smoking and trying to find a good reputable butcher in the area any suggestions on where or where not to go? Thanks in advance.

  2. sabato domenica

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    I went here, looked OK: 

    also here:

    Yelp lists some that I don't know one way or another:  

    Good Luck.

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  3. raspy87

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    Thanks! Much appreciated!
  4. sabato domenica

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    Join the SMF Group for New Englanders - see ya there.
  5. raspy87

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    How do I join the group? I found it. Not sure how to join.
  6. sabato domenica

    sabato domenica Fire Starter

    Top left you'll find a "join group" button.
  7. sabato domenica

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    Er, top right.......
  8. raspy87

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    Got it!
  9. jay1340

    jay1340 Smoke Blower

    I was in RI last summer for one of my War Brethrens'  25th anniversary renew wedding vows thing. He's been in Japan for a few years, but went home for the ceremony. He was wanting a good brisket bad, being from Texas, I gave hi the Kermit frog look. Brisket in RI? REALLY? He was determined. We took off with his brother (local, been there his whole life) for the grocery stores Scotty knew had in house butchers. At one point they brought out what they called a brisket, I was eyeballin the fish counter. Scotty calls out "Hey Jay whatabout this?"

    "That's a steak, I thought you wanted brisket!" It was about 4 lbs trimmed!

    We drove all over RI, well 3/4ths of it, felt like to the other side of Austin to me! Scotty finally remembered a slaughter/butcher place in an industrial area. I've no idea. We went in, they asked while I was eyeballin what Scotty had told me was "Soupy." Some local Italian spicy sausage!!!

    Butcher lady comes out with an 18+ lber!! HOLY Yankee BRISKET!! Never expected that after all the steaks we'd seen. Untrimmed, nice big fat cap, flexible and was a right hander to boot! The butcher had no idea what I meant by a right hander, went in the back, got the old butcher guy, he laughed! Then told her she'd been got with the oldest Texas brisket joke there is!

    We took it home. No smoker! Put it in one of those disposable turkey foil pans with a rack in the bottom. 4 cups water, some shales of worchestshire (don't ask me to spell it right, I call it whatsisheresauce)! rubbed it down in salt and pepper. I only trimmed the hard fat off, left the rest. Covered tightly, in the oven at 225* for well till it hit 190*! They went nuts!! We also had fresh lobstahs off the boat, homemade quahaugs, and their dad made homemade clam chowdah! I chowed down like a Texas longhorn on coastal!!!

    Yeah long story. Don't ask me where that slaughter/butcher shop was. I only know Scotty said it was the only place in the state that made "SOUPY!" Good luck only hint I have!!

    Oh, ALL their slabs of animal carcass looked GREAT!!
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  10. bdawg

    bdawg Smoke Blower

    Wow- what a small world.

    I grew up in Westerly, RI.  My grandfather, and all my relatives and friends relatives used to make homemade "soupy". Really the official name is sopressatta - or we'd write it as "suppy". My dad made it once when I was a kid, but he never caught the bug into making it, but he loved to eat it :D

    I think Westerly is the only place in the whole US that makes this particular variety of it.  I've had sopressatta from other places (NY, Boston) but it always was very mild, didn't have the reddish orange color (from the paprika) and they always used much larger diameter casings compared to the ones I grew up with (which tended to be around an inch and a half to two inches in diameter).

    You can order it online - http://supri.com/supri_sopressata.html#soupy

    I went to high school with the Dippollino brothers (and their sister) and their dad coached my brother and me in youth basketball when we were kids. Great folks.

    There's another place in town that sells it (I think its called Fortuna's or something similar) but theirs isn't quite as authentic tasting as Dipper's.

    I actually have some in my fridge that I was going to slice up for the superbowl today.

    Oh, and try scrambling up some eggs and cheese with soupy instead of normal sausage!  WOW what a treat.
  11. jay1340

    jay1340 Smoke Blower

    Cool! I can order some!! We had the hot, I think?? But I tried the X and the XX, watch out! You might need some ice cream the next morning!!

    Been all over the world 44 countries, never know who you'll run into and from where.
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  12. bdawg

    bdawg Smoke Blower

    It's not really hot enough suppy unless it says "goodbye" to you the next morning!  :D :D :D
  13. akloss

    akloss Newbie

    International meat market in central falls has any type of meat you could ask for, and cheap!

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