RF Smoker Planning (and the Build)

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by rasimmo, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. rosimmo........nice going! Im watching your build closely as a /reference on mine. thanks for being such a "cool cat", watch my thread.....we will be building together my friend.....Smokin.
  2. Thanks Dragons Breath. I have looked through your build several times. I will be doing something similar to your counterweight. I don't think that's the easiest way to do it, but I like the way it looks.

    Don't worry I'm watching your progress. Don't get in too big of a hurry or you'll be cooking while I'm cutting and welding.
  3. I spent about 3 hours this morning cutting and grinding. I got the RF plate, both end caps, and the hinges cut and fit. I might have a little time this evening to drill the hinges and weld them on. I also cut the fittings off the tank. I only patched 2 so far, still have 3 more.
    I took a few pics while checking fit. None of this is welded. I clamped the hinges together so I could grind them down and make the same.
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  4. I drilled the hinges and welded them on. I left a gap for the door flange to go under them. I cut the door out, tacked the RF plate in, and tacked the CC end plate on.
  5. WOW.[​IMG]... what a nice build...... good oppertunity for me to learn more about this RF thing......Want to build one myself....... will not use a tank (it is not soreadily available around in this area) but make it from steelplate bend in a hexagonal shape[​IMG]..... check out my profile and tell me what you think..... anyhow..... i will be following this build as i am trying to learn from every point of view.....[​IMG].!

    Thanks for sharing!
  6. I had a couple hours this afternoon, so I figured I would work on my counterweight. I think it worked out pretty good. Less than 10lbs to open and close, balanced in the center. I don't think it could work much better.
    I can't get any more pics to load for some reason.
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  7. That's better. This is all for this week. Headed to work in the morning. Hopefully next week I can get it closed up and build a fire in it.
  8. Rasimmo,

    Looks really good.  You will have that baby smoking in no time.  Looks like that counter weight worked out really well.  I like that it will not be this hugh thing sticking up in the air that detracts from the overall look. Will be very slick looking by the time you get finished. Keep up the good work.  Joe
  9. Thanks Joe
    I was trying to make it look good. I made the counterweight match the hinge until it turns up. At least if it don't cook good it will be nice to look at.
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    Great looking build.....

    I am always looking at the great builds and get ideas and inspiration from them. I real like the look of your hinges and counter weight.... So the question it creates for me is the "spring" that can happen when doors are cut out of propane tanks. Do you or any of the other metal workers have any insight to this? To me it looks like it would give extra support and help keep the shape, but since I have never welded I have no clue. Just really like the look and find it to be a great build.
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    I never thought about the doors (spring) when i cut it out.  This looks great and would keep the doors shape when cut.  It is nice to be able to avoid future problems by seeing other peoples ideas.
  12. I cut it with a torch after I welded the hinges on. I moved around cutting 3 or 4 inches at a time. It did spring in a little on one side. It was less that 1/8" at the worst spot. I could have lived with it but I wanted it perfect.
    That fixed it.

    Thanks for the compliments guys. I got a lot of ideas from here myself. If y'all have any questions I will be glad to share what I know, which ain't much by the way. I'm just a country boy with a few ideas and some tools. That's a dangerous combination sometimes.
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  13. I did not make any progress last week while at home. My little brother was home on leave and we made a camping trip with some family members. My mom always told me to keep my priorities straight. So that came first.

    I have been put on a deadline though. We caught 5 piglets last week that weigh 7 or 8 pounds. We are going to fatten them up a little. The smoker has to be mobile and ready to cook by May 15. The smoker won't be complete, but we are going to half those creatures and cook them then. I can't wait to see them lined up and smoking.
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    Looks great!
  15. radioguy

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    Great looking build, keep up the good work, can't wait for Q-views of those piglets.  

    My thoughts on door sections springing:  My opinion is that is depends on the actual tank manufacture process.  I think most of these tanks use a cold rolled plate, then are welded in place.  They are under tension from day one, cutting a door opening releases the tension.  Some spring more than others because some are formed tighter than others. 
  16. I thought I would at least add a pic of some ribs from my little brinkman. Camping again this week and it's easy to haul in the horse trailer. I might get some work in on the smoker tomorrow.
    These were gone shortly after the pic. Not even a bone left. The dog deserves to eat good too.
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  17. I finally did a little work on the smoker. Worked on it a couple hours yesterday afternoon. I put the grate in the firebox and welded the end plate on it. I also finished welding up some pieces that were tacked on.

    I can't get the picture of the grate inside to load. I used some 1" grating I had to make it. The top of it is level with the bottom of the door. That leaves about 6" below it.

    Here is one of the end plate. I will be adding an air intake to this side. I might put one in the firebox door later if the one in the bottom and the one in this plate don't make it run like I want.

  18. Finally made some decent progress today. Had about 5 hours, so I got a little done.
    I got the flange on the door. I used the technique Ribwizzard posted. Worked great.
    That door sure is heavy with the counterweight on it.
    I also put the upper intake on and the adjuster on the bottom one. It needs a little fine tuning and cleaning up, but they work.
    Headed camping again in the morning, so this will probably be all for this week.
  19. Man that thing look great! I hope my build turns out half as good...
  20. Thanks hotrod, I'm sure it will.

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