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  1. Hello there, designing my first RF smoker and the information I've found here over the past week has been incredibly helpful so thanks to you all.  One question I haven't been able to find an answer to though is for those that weld in their baffle plate and drain into their RF smoker, how do you access and clean the area underneath the baffle?  Maybe I'm overestimating the importance of getting in there, but it seems like it would be very important to be able to access that space regularly for cleaning and rust prevention.  Right now I'm weighing the benefits of making a removable baffle versus putting in an access door, but I'm also hoping that there's a solution out there that's so stupidly simple I'm just missing it.

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    You can access from the FB if your FB door is in line with the CC..... Also, most folks put a drain in the CC to rinse it out with water....

    A removable RF plate is OK...... set it on angle iron for the install... You may have to install it in pieces.....
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  3. Fair enough, thank you!

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