RF 120 gal propane tank smoker trailer

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  1. Hello everyone I am looking to build a RF 120 gal propane tank smoker trailer. I want to make sure I have my measurements correct before I mess anything up. According to the feldons calculator I came up with this.
    Fb 22x22x22=10648cu in. 115.2% size diff from recommended
    4" pipe chimney 36.87" tall
    Fb air inlet 3"x10" 1 opening
    Fb to cc opening 14.73" half moon
    I am confused about how to measure to cut my fb opening on the tank. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jon
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  3. Thanks that cleared it up for me I wasn't sure of what to put in for the circle calculator. But I think I have it figured out. I will draw it up and post some pics for some more advice
  6. Can anyone tell me if these calculations are correct? This is if the tank wall is 3/16"
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    Nice calculator Pete, thanks for sharing. Wish I had this a few weeks ago! lol

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