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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by bourbnq, Aug 25, 2013.

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    I have a question about setting up my smoker for reverse heating. I have a Brinkmann Horizontal smoker with a cooking chamber that has side two -by-side grates. I was reading in Smoking Meats that Jeff welded a plate on the bottom of one of the cooking grates to create the reverse flow. Do both grates have to be covered to create the reverse flow, or just one?
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    Heat needs to come in one side of the smoker, travel all the way to the other, move up, then travel all the way back to the side that it started (only now on top rather than bottom).  You would need to cover all of the grate closest to the heat and most of the other grate.  There still needs to be a place for the heat to move up from the bottom of the chamber.

    I imagine your exhaust is on the wrong side for a reverse flow, though (opposite firebox).

  3. bourbnq

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    Yep, that is correct, the exhaust is on the wrong side of the smoker for this. But, I do have access to a blow torch and welder, so I think with a little bit of work I can make the modification. But you did answer the question that I needed, which was how much of the grates to cover, which is both of them. I have a set of stone tiles that I use to bake pizza on when I am using the cooking chamber as a grille. I have enough to cover both grates, yet leave room on the sides to allow heat to circulate.

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    Get on it, then!  Post some pictures of the project.  Hope it works out!
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    usually a channel is used to control the flow

    this also helps the grease drippings end up in the bottom of the smoker
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