Reverse Seared Ribeye with Tatonka Dust

Discussion in 'Beef' started by weinnmann, May 6, 2013.

  1. Got my Tatonka dust that I have heard so much about in the mail the other day and had to try it on a ribeye steak. Started out with a nice thick cut ribeye and dusted it with Tatonka Dust. When I first sprinkled it on my first reaction was go easy with it because of the black color you assume there is alot of black pepper in it but it doesnt taste like there is.

    Next I threw it in the pellet smoker and smoked it at 180 -220 until the IT was within 15 degrees of the desired final temp.

    And the plated shot with Mushrooms on the steak and carrots and potatoes for the sides.

    Overall I was pleased with the flavor of the Tatonka Dust and will be using it more in the future but I will be applying it a little differently next time. I think it would help to apply it the night before the cook to let it soak in as I have seen others do when using this seasoning.

    We also cooked some burgers using this dust and really liked the taste it added for burgers, we not only coated the outside but also sprinkled some in the meat before making the patties. These we did let the rub soak in for about 30 minutes and it really gave the burger a good bbq flavor even though it was cooked on the gas grill. I think this will be a staple for winter time burgers when we dont want to grill out in the cold.

    The next cook may have to be a chuck roast coated with Tatonka dust, I think this would make for great sandwhiches when mixed all together.

    Great job to Marty and his wife at Owens BBQ
  2. seenred

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    That looks great!  I did 2 reverse seared ribeyes myself yesterday...they're hard to beat!

    Nicely done!

  3. driedstick

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    Those look great - I Just got some of the tatonka dust last week or so and already about gone. Did rev sear burgers yesterday, they turn out great also.
  4. mossymo

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    Nice looking cook weinnmann and great news hearing you like the seasoning!
  5. Another big fan of Tatonka Dust on ribeyes here, too. Been brushing the steaks down lightly with olive oil, followed by Tatonka Dust quite liberally. Smoke until about 120 or 125 IT (about an hour), then reverse sear about 2 minutes per side on the grill. Unreal. Best steaks I've ever had, and NumberOneWife concurs. Just ordered a 3-lb. package last night. No financial interest, just a very satisfied customer.

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