Reverse Seared Ribeye Mes 30 Q-View

Discussion in 'Beef' started by njfoses, Aug 17, 2013.

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    Reversed seared some ribeyes tonight for the wife and I.  Steaks were generously salted 4 hours in advance, rinsed, patted dry, a bit of evoo and then one was sprinkled with montreal steak seasoning and the other with simply marvelous cherry rub  Smoked for a little over an hour with my auber pid set to 200 deg on my mes 30.  Smoked with a mix of oak and cherry in my amnps until an internal temp of about 110 deg via my mav 732.  Then seared on grill gates via my weber gasser for about 4 min a side total (flipped at about 2 min, then flipped back.)  Steak was topped with some jack daniels herb butter the wife mixed up while resting for 10 min or so.  Served with portobello mushrooms, sauteed shrimp and Jersey white corn.  Some pics below, thanks for looking!

    Lightly seasoned and ready for the smoker

    After a little over an hour of smoke, internal temp 110

    After searing and resting

    Just about 2" thick

    Nice medium rare

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    Thats how you getter done!

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