Reverse seared Lamb Chops on the Smokey Joe

Discussion in 'Lamb' started by worktogthr, May 28, 2015.

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    Well the weather has been nice and I have been playing around a lot with my Smokey Joe. The wife was out with her sisters and she doesn't like lamb so I decided tonight was the perfect night to reverse sear some lamb loin chops for dinner. Seasoned them with some steak seasoning.

    I had some half spent kingsford comp in the weber smokey Joe so I decided to light about 12-15 coals, dump them on top of the half spent coals with some oak chips mixed in and do a reverse sear.

    Getting the grill ready:

    Put the new lit coals from the chimney and got some nice TBS going:

    So I had no idea how hot the grill was so I threw the chops on the side with no coals:

    I let them go for about 15-20 minutes and hoped that I was not going to overcook them while I was getting the sides ready and starting to feed my daughter some pasta (like mom, she's not a big lamb fan. She calls it steak, which she likes but won't eat it).

    Almost forgot about them and when I got to the grill they were probing around 120 so I lucked out. Moved them to the side with the coals and left the lid open to sear them for a minute per side.

    And here they are with some broccoli and blue cheese grits (another "my wife's not home for dinner" dish).

    Came out pretty good and picked up a good hint of oak smoke considering the short smoking time. Was a little more medium then medium rare which I prefer but still an awesome meal.

    Tried to get the little one to try it but this was her response:
    Thanks for looking!
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    Great cook
  3. disco

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    Nice looking lamb!

  4. worktogthr

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    Thanks guys for the kind words. Don't eat lamb too often but I love it

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