Reverse flow whirlpool

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  1. Well, this is my first post in the forum that wasn't my introduction post...

    I've had a UDS that I built but didn't "love" it and then bought a gas masterbuilt, both didn't the job but I always wanted more.

    Been kicking around a cabinet style reverse flow for about a year now and didn't like the cost of a scratch build. Luckily we had our 70's harvest gold fridge at work stopped working... Ding the lightbulb went on and this is where I'm at

    Still need to sheer a piece of .060 for the door
    Cut in my chimney and air intake to the fire box

    My latches should be here this week, so hopefully I am able to paint and season next weekend and maybe able to throw something on for Easter.

    Can't wait to continue to learn through this site and and keep honing my craft

    Always open to suggestions or criticism
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  2. rmmurray

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    Good luck with your build. It looks good so far. Can't wait to see what you have in store for it for Easter.
  3. Ok so last weekend I was able to get my new build finished... Mostly ran out of paint. Was also able to season, but even with a small amount of charcoal temps were super hot. Lot up one level full cannon and temps rose quickly to 375. I'm not sure I can light a small enough fire for keepin temps in that 250-275 range I like to cook at... Even with my damper closed is was stable around 375 for over an hour. After I was done I wheeled it into the garage an noticed that the temp gauges were at about 130, I looked into the fire box and 2 golf ball size coals were still hot and keeping temps at 130!

    Any suggestions?
  4. smokin horse

    smokin horse Fire Starter

    When you figure out the heat problem let me know lol. I just finished my build also. Charcoal fridge. It almost holds heat in to well.
  5. daveomak

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    Electric element and the AMNPS smoke generator... Your problems will be over...
  6. I really don't want to run any electric.. I have unlimited quantities of oak/maple and others out my back door. I don't mind tending a fire either, I may just have to find that special size and timing to run cooler, I don't have any need for running cold smoke so a hotter fire I ok I just need I adjust I think
  7. daveomak

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    Your smoker will heat with 6 briquettes..... like you found out.....
  8. smokin horse

    smokin horse Fire Starter

    Yes. .with a very small amount of coal it reaches 350 easily. And I've taken the coal basket out,had the smoker door open and the temp dropped to 150 ..closed the door and the temp started to rise again with no coal at all in it..I think it's going to take some experimenting but eventually will figure it out
  9. Ok I have it all figured out now!!

    I had a couple stainless tubes elevating my fire pan, removed those so air wasn't so easily able to access bottom of the coals/fire. Also added about a 3 gallon water pan. Last night had my parents and grandparents over for a MN walleye and crappie fish fry. Did some baked beans in the smoker after my adjustments. Temp was steady at 260 for 2.5 hrs!!!
  10. daveomak

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    The water pan sucks up the BTU's .... but then you are steaming the meat... That's why cheap smokers have water pans in them.... to keep the heat low...
    I suggest you try and control the heat without a water pan....
  11. smokin horse

    smokin horse Fire Starter

    Huh? ? Cheap smokers? I've seen many water pans in very expensive smokers. Miron Mixon ex. Moisture in meat is never a bad thing in my opinion
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  12. You could always install a 2" ball valve to control air flow to the fire box

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