Reverse Flow using pipe instead of RF plate?

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by vtffp, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. Curious if anyone has ever tried this or if the numbers would even line up. I have a 60 Gallon air compressor tank and may have access to a 1/2" thick wall high pressure air cylinder with an internal diameter of 8.5". Thoughts?
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    Just a guess as I am no build expert, but I would think the opening between a low mounted firebox and smoke chamber would not be much bigger than 8.5 inches. But I'll let the build guys tell you for sure...JJ
  3. Not an expert either but with a pipe I wouldn't think you will get the radiant heat that you would with a RF plate.  I'd suspect the center would be hotter than the front/back of the cook chamber.
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  5. Yes, we used to build our large smokers ( horse trailer size, ...yes really ) like that many years ago. We would use about 8 pipes coming out of the rear of the firebox then stager the length , in pairs, soaps the heat would be even through out the chamber.

    Yes, it works well for cooking. The down side is that it is very hard to clean around the pipes and it gets nasty in there. The reverse flow plate works better when it comes time to clean, as no drippings get to the bottom of the chamber if built correctly.

    Lane claims to be the originator of the reverse flow cooker, but those cookers were basically reverse flow and built way before he ever started!
  6. Here is one of the smaller ones, retired.

  7. There is a larger one still being used in Tampa that has the exhaust on the firebox end. And it's every bit of 35 years old
  8. Thanks for the info guys. Just looking at what I have access to for free to keep costs down! I also am considering cutting a slot in the bottom of the cook chamber (full length) and welding the cylinder half in the slot. I may also make this a rotisserie smoker. In the planning stage, anything is possible!

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