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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cal1956, May 21, 2015.

  1. cal1956

    cal1956 Smoking Fanatic

    until I joined this forum I had never heard of such a thing , will someone explain it .   
  2. cal1956

    cal1956 Smoking Fanatic

    thanks for that link  ,  but call me stupid but I don't see any real difference from any other smoker , I don't see what is reversed
  3. robcava

    robcava Meat Mopper

    Reverse flow smokers have the exhaust and firebox on the same side and a baffle that forces the hot air to flow to the far end of the cooking chamber and then return to exit. It gives a more uniform temp across the chamber with this flow than a typical offset smoker (unless you add tuning plates and other tricks).
  4. cal1956

    cal1956 Smoking Fanatic

    aaaah now I get it , that makes sense    I learned to cook BBQ on a commercial one many many years ago ...never knew that they had a name ..gotta admit the name is kinda misleading ooooooh well

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