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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by uga fan, Aug 24, 2012.

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    or, if your cutting your firebox loose of the chamber... just raise the chamber UP so you can keep the present height of the firebox... If you want to just make the firebox longer and keep height and width the same... move chamber up and back the distance you add on to the firebox... just some more ideas
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    Hey Bart. Sorry about your smoker problem but I may be able to help ... I am only 2 hrs away in raleigh and I have all the welding and cutting equipment to help make some changes to your rig. i would be more than happy to spend a day modifying it for you free of charge...Well maybe a case of beer..... I am available tues through friday.. Pm me if you are interested.....

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    Joe.. YOUR THE MAN.. what a great offer... hope he takes you up on it
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    Case of beer...that sounds like a good deal.  Jump on that!
  5. Can't beat that offer.

    THAT'S what this forum is truly about, one helping another.

    Nowadays that is rare.
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    Joe that is a wonder offer!!! Sounds like a plan!! During the week is perfect for me, while the kids are in school. I will send u a PM with my info and we will go from there. Maybe the week after Labor Day? Now we just have to figure out a plan of attack!
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    Your a good man Joe.

    UGA Sorry to hear about your issues but Joe will get you strait.
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    Joe, I've seen pictures of your welding.... Can I come watch ??  Can't be more than 3000 miles, give or take....  
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    UGA it sucks that your smoker didn't work as you purchased it. Joe very nice offer my friend and I'm sure with your skills and knowledge you can help him out
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    Howdy, UGAFan!

    You didn't say in the OP whether you bought it from the dealer or from a third party, only that "the price was right." Could it be that the price was a reflection on the unit's design? From posts made by others here who are far more knowledgeable than I am, it sounds like there are some serious design flaws. You say that the firebox is too small according to the the calculator, that stack on the opposite end from the firebox looks awfully suspicious to me (gotta be piping out lot of heat, but you could cap it or maybe it has another function?), . . .

    We feel your pain, bro. I hope someone here can come up with the answers that will allow you to get you money's worth out of the smoker. Your story will surely help others who might be considering this manufacturer.
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  13. uga fan

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    It was purchased from a Dealer/Manufactorer which is just a small town fabrication shop.. The exhaust pipe u are referring to does have a plate allowing me to close it off. Obviously it doesn't seal off completely, but heat loss with it closed is very minimal.. I have Joe on board and we're gonna straighten it out!!
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    [​IMG]to boykjo.   UGAfan- take hime up on this offer.   If I was closer to you, I'd offer my help as well. 

       I agree with almost everything that's said above.  I also think that you need to flip the entire smoker around on the trailer in order to get the firebox lower.  The firebox is definitely too high.   

     Also, use the pit calculator suggested.   It is your friend.

      I agree with DaveOmak that this pit manufacturer really does not know what they are doing in terms of design.  You only have to spend a little time here to start picking up even the most basic information in pit design.  Their fabrication looks good from the pictures on their site.  I can't tell about the welding. 

      I also think that they should stand behind their product.  You paid good money for a product, followed their instructions, and the product does not work.  They should address the issues.

  15. Cut the box off of the back, mount it sideways on top of what it the firebox now. Then build a new firebox of the proper size with proper dampers and mount it on the back. Trying to modify the current firebox will be more trouble than just making a new one,
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    Is it possible to reverse the tongue and then lower the firebox.  If so then that would be easier than lifting the whole thing and reversing it, I would think.  However if you need a bigger firebox then you may need to raise the whole thing up anyway.....just a thought.

    Heckuva motion Joe.
  17. Like I said, leave it where its at, just remove that warmer box in the back and replace it with a proper sized firebox. Looks like you should have plenty of ground clearance.  Thats the easiest way to go.

    Id even talk to the people you bought it from and have them make your new firebox , they are the one resposible for the bad design.

    Print out this thread and show it to them.
  18. uga fan

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    I am with Rowdy on that idea!! I just had a friend come by and look at the smoker and that was his suggestion.. Then I could just cut the firebox loose, drop it down 3 inches and extend it as needed to gain the size we need. Hopefully Joe will see this and give his opinion! I wasn't a fan of trying to cut everything loose but swapping the tongue seems simple enough!!
  19. 10/4, if you think thats easier
  20. If you put the trailer tongue on the other end, you will either need to move the axle or cut the unit loose to move it forward on the frame to get the tongue weight right.

    Anyway, all of us second guessing the needed changes is really funny.[​IMG]

    Boyko, do your thing, we all have confidence you can handle it. Great of you to offer.

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