Reverse Flow Build using 100lb Propane Cylinder

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by brad buffett, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. brad buffett

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    I have been lurking on this site and others for a while trying to capture as many details as I could prior to building a smoker. Hopefully a little research has saved me from a few rookie mistakes. I could have bought a Home Depot version for less than the cost of the  raw materials I used. but that is no fun. I started with a 100 lb. propane cylinder, followed the formula for firebox size, etc. and finally have a finished product less paint. I will post pics after it is painted.

    Brad B.

    Durango, co
  2. michael ark

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    We are not that mean .We like to see the whole process or fab.Please, it don't have to be painted or pretty.Just real life.[​IMG]Most on here know (it) happen's.
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  3. smokinal

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    Looking forward to the photo's!
  4. brad buffett

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  5. michael ark

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  6. smokingohiobutcher

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    Looking good !! Like the Fire box door Idea! Now get some grub smokin!

  7. roller

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    I like it !!!! 
  8. sqwib

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    very nice
  9. brad buffett

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    Thanks for copying those pics.  During the build, I started thinking it was going to be too small.  But for 95% of the smoking I will do, it will be perfect for me.  I just put a load of charcoal in a few minutes ago so that I can monitor temps.  My neighbor has a prime rib roast ready for when I feel confident I wont destroy it.  I think I will try a few cheaper cuts first.
  10. I see what you mean as far as ideas from the site I see a few design similarities from another build. That what is great about this site being able to put together several ideas to make it more your own. Your quality of the build looks real good!

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