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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by mrblack947, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. mrblack947

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    Is this really a good idea? or is it one of those personal preference things?

    I borrowed a design from smokemifugotem utilizing my reverse flow plate as a water pan. Holds right around 2 gallons.

    Some things I have noticed, once the smoker is up to temp a gallon of water will steam off the plate (1/4" plate) in just over an hour. It does seem to drag the temp down a little more the I would like. I am also getting a little bit of about 10-20 degrees hotter temps on the firebox/exhaust end of the cookchamber. Guessing convection.

    Bottom line, I am thinking about aborting this idea and either using a bread pan in the bottom or nothing at all.

  2. bbally

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    You want to abort it. Number two thing needed for forming creosote besides smoke? Water... and 210 F on a temperature gradient dropping.
  3. hogfan40

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    I dont fill my Lang up with water, and don't use a water pan either, the deal with a reverse flow is that when the drippings from the meat hit the reverse flow plate, i get enough moisture from that, and dont need water to help. Try it w/o water and see what happens.

  4. mrblack947

    mrblack947 Fire Starter

    Thanks guys for your opinions.

    This does in fact make life easier really.

    Hogfan, I was shocked at how much drippings there were in the pan after smoking two chickens at the same time in the thing.

    The drain system will be quite handy.

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