Reuben Fatty with whole grain Dijon mustard

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    I started with the sauerkraut first because I wanted it cooked down to remove excess water.  I used two cans drained and rinsed.  I put a little olive oil in a pan with Caraway seeds and a couple of Bay leaves.  I added the sauerkraut after a few minutes of cooking the seeds and leaves.  In a separate pan I sautéed  an onion and a peeled shaved apple. 

    Mean while I rolled out a little over a pound of ground round to stick with the beef theme and spread out the corned beef like shredded string cheese.

    I folded the cut open zip lock bag back over the corned beef and rolled the corned beef into the meat to make a sort of meat fabric, keeping it in place during the roll. 

    I folded the bag back over the meat and flipped it over (corned beef side down.)  I figured this may get more smoke into the corned beef and may make it easier to spread the mustard on a smooth surface.

    The sauerkraut was cooked down with added sautéed onions and apple.  The apple pectin binds the sauerkraut together and adds sweetness.  Some people prefer the starch of a sliced  potato as a binder versus an apple to keep it more sour.  Don't forget to remove the Bay leaves before stuffing.

    On top of the whole grain mustard goes the Swiss cheese.

    I managed to use all the sauerkraut.

    I made the bacon weave (11 strips wide) on the other half of the open zip lock bag so when I get roll'n I don't have a transfer step.  There's plastic wrap after the zip lock bag so it rolls onto that and isn't picked up till the ends need twisting.

    Ready for the fridge to be smoked on the weekend.

    This one took 3 hours @ 225* & 325* for a half an hour to crisp the bacon on the Kamado Kooker.  I used Pear wood.

    I let it set up 20 minutes then sliced.  It was fantastic!

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    Delish!  Reuben is my fav sandwich!  [​IMG]

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    That looks awesome!
  4. WOW, I want that and I want it now and we won't tell my Doctor.

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