Results of my first packer brisket

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  1. So a few days ago I smoked my first whole brisket. It took over 24 hours which it should not have but I had someone watch it for a little bit and they let the meat temp drop from 195 to 165 which added a lot of time. I was cooking at 250 and wrapped it in butcher paper when it hit 165 about 5 hours in. I got a good bark with the paper but it was still a little dry in some places. I took the meat off at 200 degrees and it rested for a little over 2 hours. The thinnest part of the flat was the most dry, obviously, and I'm just not sure how to keep the brisket moist while also retaining all that moisture. I added some pics of my trimmed brisket (first time I've trimmed on), the seasoned brisket fat side down (went on the cooker fat side up), just before it was wrapped, after it was finished, half the point, and some that I gave to a friend. Please let me know how y'all think it looks and how I can make a perfect brisket. Thanks guys!
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    It looks pretty good from here!

    Nice job on your first try!

  3. Looks good tackling your first brisket! I have yet to do one myself so I am not an expert. Sounds like you did everything fine so I'd blame it on your friend. [​IMG]

    Some people wrap, some don't. Some use paper, some use foil. Maybe just try again and if the temps are steady it'll be fine. Every brisket seems different when you cook it, and of course you have choice and prime options too. Lots of variables.

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