Results of an all nighter butt cook.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by erikz, Sep 16, 2015.

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    I'm switching shifts here at work, and per tradition there's a potluck whenever someone leaves.  I volunteered to smoke some pork butts for my own potluck.  Instead of doing it ahead of time like a normal person would, and then reheating everything tonight I decided to just do an overnight cook.  My first as a matter of fact!  So, on my dinner break yesterday I drove home to my WSM that was all set up and fired it up, slapped a couple of 7.5 lb butts on at 7pm and left my wife in charge of em for a couple hours.  

    Got home at 10:45 to everything going to plan.  Probed the smallest butt, thinking it'll be the first one to be done, at midnight and went to bed at 1am.  With the temp holding steady at 230.  

    My maverick woke me at 2:30am to open the vents a bit, and then not again until 7:30am.  At 8:30 I realized that there wasn't enough charcoal left to get up to the 250 I wanted to be at to push through the rest of the stall and get them finished... so I pulled, wrapped, and into a 275 degree oven they went to finish.  I switched the probe over to the larger butt to see where it was at, and it had stalled 10 degrees ahead of the smaller one so I left the probe in that one.  

    11am and they were both at 200-202 degrees internal, so I pulled em out and let them rest for a couple hours.

    16 hour cook, pulled both butts at 1pm to bring to work, and now I have a very full crock-pot that has the whole lab here smelling wonderful.  

    I was just about to pull apart the 2nd butt when I realized that I should probably take a picture!  Sorry, no pics of me in my backyard at midnight, headlamp on, looking like a total creeper... 

    I'm really happy that my timing worked out perfectly.  If anything I wish they would have been done a little earlier, and rested for more than 2 hours.  
  2. Looks great from here!  [​IMG]   Don't know if I've got the nerve to pull an overnighter, but more power to you for going for it!  
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    Right on - that's good inspiration for me.  I'm about to light up the WSM and do an 8lb butt and a 10lb loin.  I know the loins will go quick - I'm hoping to be done before midnight but I'll be up for as long as it takes.  I also got about 8 pork tenderloins that need to get Sous-vided and chilled down.  Of course this is all for an event tomorrow, lol.  Great minds procrastinate alike?   
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    Enjoyable read!  Congrats! 
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    Good post , and congrats on your first overnighter !

    Enjoyed the notes and even though it was a second though , the Butt looked great ! :yahoo:

    Now , a few more and you 'll be confident for a Brisket cook !

    Have funand . . .

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