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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jaket, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. jaket

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    Hey guys sorry if this is not the correct location for this question still getting use to the site. I am from vt on vacation in Kissimmee fl. I am looking for the best bbq resturant around? Just figure while I am out here I could see what the bbq is like around this area. Any help would be great! Thanks guys!
  2. bmaddox

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    4rivers is the best in town. The closet location to you is probably Winter Garden. Most things in Kissimmee are chain restaurants for tourists so you don't have many options for local places.
  3. trabba

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    It's a chain and I've only been to the location in Corbin, KY but I really like Sonny's and I think they have a location fairly close to Kissimmee.
  4. dls1

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    As bmaddox said, 4 Rivers is about the best in the area, though it's a bit of a drive from where you are. On Vine street in Kissimmee, Fat Boy's BBQ is pretty decent, though not outstanding.

    For a unique "Old Florida Institution" type of place with really solid BBQ I'd recommend Peebles BBQ in Auburndale, about a 30-40 minute southwest of Kissimmee. It's a family owned and operated place that's been around for over 60 years operating out of what appears to be a reclaimed and converted chicken coop with a dirt and sand parking lot. No frills and very rustic with a limited menu of the best BBQ in central Florida. They're only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and it's cash only. Also, they're closed for the summer as they don't have air conditioning, and don't plan on having it installed anytime soon. It's well worth the short trip.

    Also, if you're going to be around this coming Friday and Saturday, 3/27-3/28, the Florida Heritage BBQ Classic contest is being held in Kissimmee's Osceola Heritage Park. It's a KCBS sanctioned event, and the State championship. It's free and open to the public with food and drink available.

    Enjoy your visit.
  5. Ask the locals. " hey do you like bbq? Where is the place you think is the best? what kind of bbq do they have"...etc
  6. bmaddox

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    The problem in Kissimmee is there are no locals. 99% of the people you will run into are there to go to Disney. (Which is why I avoid that side of town like the plague).

    Hope you enjoy your vacation and sorry about the heat.... it isn't always this hot in March.
  7. You are stuck in the land of the RAT.  Most of the good places to eat in the area are gone, unless you like the Darden chain or all the other chain big name joints.

    Evelyn's Seafood, Mongolian BBQ, Charlies BBQ on Orange Ave, China Moon, even Kissimmee Steakhouse all gone.  Hell even half the beef ranchers in Osceola County sold out and moved their operations elsewhere. The Rat and massive migration from The Center of the World (commonly known as, dare I say it, New York City) have destroyed a most beautiful place.

    If you must do the Fat Boy's thing I would go to the one in St Cloud. Sonny's though a chain fed two companies HQ and Charlie ( FL National Guard) and their families free when we returned from Hurricane Andrew, that is pretty cool.

    I would be all over that BBQ Classic.

    If you get thirsty take 192 to the coast and check out Coaster's Pub in Melbourne as a warm up for the Broken Barrel in Palm Bay (Beer Nirvana).  Heck go to the coast anyway.

    D'Angelo's by the Sea make a wicked "Pie" as in pizza and some very good Italian dishes. The Blueberry Muffin makes a Crab Cake Benedict the will clog several arteries with pure dining pleasure.  There is a place up near Titusville that has Rock Shrimp that are kick butt, but I forget the name.

    That is all I can suggest from 32 degree Iowa at the moment.
  8. jaket

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    Thanks for for all the info guys! I am heading to 4river today. Then this weekend I am going to go check out the bbq comp!
  9. dougmays

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    4Rivers is a chain but its still pretty good food! The guy is from Texas and started the 4R in Orlando and then expanded from there.

    I've also heard Yellow Dog Eats is very good with a modern twist on BBQ. I haven't been but its on my list to try.

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