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    Just a word to the wise here. I went online last night and checked fresh pork bellies and the case price was listed at $2.19/lb by case weight. A real nice price. Soooo, traveled to the RD today and picked up 4 cases, 120 lbs. When I got to the checker I asked her to price check the pork to make sure of the online price and was told it was $2.36/lb case weight. I had the online screen already pulled up on my Samsung and told her that the price was incorrect and showed/told her of the online price. After talking to the floor manager, she took me to the on duty store manager who couldn't believe that someone could check pricing online. He asked me to send him a screen shot of the online price but I didn't have a signal to email it, so he let me log onto my RD account online, pulled up the pricing and he was very nice and honored the online price. He kept on saying he had never seen someone check price online. So, if you have an account at RD, check your prices before shopping and be able to back it up when the price is wrong. My savings were right at $25, just imagine how much RD is making off this from others that don't know how, or don't know that online pricing is available.
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    Good info.

    I have had other businesses do the same. Most recently some tires.

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