Restaurant Depo precured bellies

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by jupiter jack, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Quick question. Has anyone picked up the pre-cured pork bellies that Restaurant Depo sells? Looking to make some bacon and don't want to wait 8 plus days for the cure. TIA

  2. java

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    The wait is half the fun!
  3. daveomak

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    Then you don't know what you are eating.... I would never buy "pre cured" bellies.... they are pumped with one of those multiple needle injectors... too commercial....
  4. Both good points. Thanks. Will do it the ole fashion way.

    Thanks for setting me straight!
  5. java

    java Smoking Fanatic

    At least when people say its the best bacon they have ever had you can take ALL the credit.
  6. rexster314

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    I just was there this afternoon and didn't see any "procured" pork bellies, nor have I seen them on my other forays in the past. I'd be leery of them cause they're probably pumped with crap you don't want. It's part of my process to apply the cure by hand and I can see and feel exactly how the cure is applied.

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