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Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by jim81147, Sep 7, 2013.

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    I have been doing my research for awhile now and think I have almost all the info I need EXCEPT ,,,with my WSM I had always read that you leave the top vent wide open and regulate flow with the bottom dampers. In my reading here about smokehouses though it seems most regulate the flow on the exhaust instead of the intakes when using a flue pipe . If a fluepipe is not used then it seems most opt for an HVAC register. If you use this method , doesnt the outside of the smoke house get stained with smoke? Thanks for any input.
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    Jim, morning.....  smokehouses can be different depending on how they are constructed....  Usually the dampers are larger because of their size...   More food is put in them and more air flow is needed....    I my large smokehouse, I do also adjust the air/smoke flow using the air in and air out...   but I never close off the exhaust totally.....  air flow is probably the most important thing to maintain in a smoker...  The HVAC closeable register is probably the best exhaust you can install on a smokehouse..  The don't drip condensate inside the smoker, if they are installed in the walls, which is where I would install them...  and they don't seal air tight... another plus...   The eaves will have some smoke stain on them....   Hey, it's a smokehouse... adds character...  "A clean smoker is the sign of a sick mind"....


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