requesting input offset firebox: Grate and basket modifications (new member June 2016)

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    Hello gang

    New member here hoping to get some your  input from your years of experience  on few modifications for charcoal basket, firebox grate and tuning plate and deflector modifications:  Sorry if I should have posted these questions in different place here (I clicked around for good 1/2 hour and never found topic on modifications).

    I'll attempt to attach few pics in effort to help explain a 1000 words, LOL

    A) Charcoal Grate

    I Had a new charcoal grate built for my firebox (this will sit below the charcoal basket)  the owners welder didn't follow directions

         so I need to either wait for fireband to lift and test this one  (no idea if this ban will lift anytime soon) (OKC 115 heat index and dry)


               Return it to him and have welder adjust the grate now . 

    General description of what the welder built: 

    (Only my My pinky finger will fit into the holes), construction made with 1/2" (square bars)

    on 1" centered spacing in both directions (looks like giant tic tac toe game field)

      and the bottom of the grate will sit 3.5" (air space) above bottom of firebox This gives the top of the new charcoal grate at 4.5" air space for above the firebox bottom.  

    and If my pic or link attaches it will explain the fact that the overall size of this new grate will also give a distance of 4" from top of the new charcoal grate to the bottom of the from 1/2 moon opening from the  firebox to horizontal cooking chamber.

    MY firebox dimater is 16".

    My plan is for build of a charcoal basket to rest on this NEW CHARCOAL Basket at with dimensions 14 X 9  (and also 9 inches height) with 3/4" espanded metal at (18 gauge initially)

    to test for a bit  (later after I determine that the sizing is correct then I'll upgrade to heavy gauge)

    your comments from experience hands appreciated

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  3. joe black

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    If the charcoal basket is heavy enough, (I like #9x3/4") you should not need a grate. If you intend to use a grate at some time for wood without the basket, you could use the same material with just a couple of extra cross braces of 1" angle iron. I use my basket for coal at first and switch to splits when I have a good bed of coals. For good air intake, I like to have the bottom of the charcoal basket well above the bottom of the air intake. This allows a good air flow to the bottom of the basket.

    For a deflector, use steel about 6-8" into the CC at about 30-45* down. I don't use tuning plates. I have a Horizon style convection plate. I just think it's more accurate for me.

    If you have any pics or any more specific questions, post them. There are lots of good folks here that can jump in to help.

    Good luck and good smokin', Joe
  4. beastcook

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    Part that I'm new to smokingIn regards to the the height of my charcoal basketIs it ok to fill basket above the top of the half moon opening (from Fb to cc) ?
  5. joe black

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    IMO, I wouldn't load any charcoal above the CC opening. It will stack more tightly than I would prefer for good air intake. I will stack wood splits higher, but they allow more air to enter. I also have a small air damper at the top of my FB end. That allows a good fire to burn and this higher air will push the heat into the CC.

    Search for Good Heat Management videos. There are a lot of them on the web and most are very well done. Good luck, Joe
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  7. beastcook

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    Ok thanks for reminding me in this discussion the difference between how the charcoal and splits would pack in basket differently (hadn't thought of this before )In different places writhin forum I seen Two opposing opinions and would like your thoughts Either Set basket closest to cc opening Or Other opinion set basket clear to other side away from cc opening near the Fb damper What your thoughts ?Regards BeastciokRibs , sausage and boudin go in tomorrow (
  8. joe black

    joe black Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Mine is closer to the CC, but I have the upper air damper that pushes the heat into the CC. If I didn't have the upper damper, I can see where it might give a better air routing to have it closer to the air inlet. That would be farther away from the CC. You might need to do some experimenting. That's part of the fun of stick burning in an offset.
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