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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by magnum3672, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Hi, I have a Landmann 32930 and it seems to have a short in the heating element. Every time I plug it in and the heating element starts to cycle it will pop the ground fault. I am not going to try it on an outlet without a ground fault because I'm worried about ruining something but I am interested in looking for a replacement part. I'm hoping that it will be cheaper than buying a whole new unit (or upgrading). Or if anyone has any tips to try and find/fix the short that'd be great too. I'm hoping to get this resolved quickly since my Costco just started carrying pork belly!

    Thanks guys you're always so great
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    Did you check all of the electrical connections in the smoker....
  3. As many as I could find and they seem to be in good condition, no corrosion or black scorch marks. I may have missed some though since the system seems a bit archaic to me.
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    I've called Landmann 770-606-8903 and they have replaced my heating element-  TWICE  but at no charge.  Both times it failed- it happened when I turned it on, so I was able to make other plans for dinner.  I would hate for this to happen in the middle of a 12 hour smoke and not know it happened.  

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