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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by hbennick, Aug 12, 2017.

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    So, I've been using the basic Brinkmann electric smokers for years.  My 3rd one is starting to need to be replaced, but since Brinkmann is no more, I'm going to need to change my loyalties.  What is the prevailing wisdom for the new king of the cheap electrics?  I really don't want any features other than what the little Brinkmann offers, but I may need to pay extra money for things I don't want.  My requirements are pretty basic.  I'm looking for simple/stupid reliability, and that's about it.  I don't want a pellet system.  That's about it. 

    Any recommendations?
  2. Masterbuilt has an electric similar to the ECB electric, but a few slight upgrades and relatively cheap too. Next step up might be an analog Masterbuilt cabinet type.
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    Basic you say? Simple/stupid reliability?  Look no farther than the analog smokers from Smokin-it. They are pricier than the big box store smokers but they are reliable and simple.

    Another far less expensive option from an old established company is the The Old Smokey.
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