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  1. Unfortunately, I have an older 40. 

    A friend of mine purchased a new 40 today with the remote. Of course, I was eager to help get it built and smoking.

    While we were doing the burn in, we discovered that if you hit the off button on the remote, you just turned of the unit.

    This is crazy. You clip it on your built, bump it while you are trying to catch a beer, and later, discover you turned off the smoker.

    Is there a way to disable the on off button? Anyone come up with a solution other than putting the remote away?

    Is there anyway to keep me from running out and getting a new one when the old one works just fine? hehe

  2. hmm that does sound like a whacky feature. did you happen to catch what size the element is?
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    I ran into this issue as well when I got my new MES. I thought the on/off button was just for the's not. I don't think there is a way to get around it though and I just put the remote away.

    It sure is entertaining to have a remote to turn the light on and off though [​IMG]
  4. No i didnt check the element. Will do that. It did heat up pretty quick and it seems to smoke fine. Heck, I don't even know what mine is, but am happy with the performance. I got mine for $25 on craigslist. (mine is the old style) Had to hook up the element in it, then after a couple people got shocked on it, found out it was wired incorrectly. I rewired everything in the back for $10 and now have a great smoker for a grand total of $35.

    If I remember to check my friends element, will report back. He got his at Sam's

  5. I also found that if you change the time or temp on the main unit it doesn't show up (change) on the remote.  I think the good rule of thumb is if you start with the remote finish with the remote and if you start with the main unit finish with the main unit.

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