Remodded my old Charcoal to Propane Converted GOSM

Discussion in 'GOSM Owners' started by flash, Dec 4, 2011.

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    Some of you know I converted an old HEAVY GOSM Charcoal smoker to propane using a single burner propane stove. It worked really well but eventually the original stoves Petcock valve gave out on me. That Petcock allowed me to adjust the heat. I was able to hit temps of 325º to 350º with that setup.

     Couldn't find just a replacement Petcock, so had to buy a new single burner. Trouble is they seemed to have regulated the propane intake and I never could get my temps much over 285º and that was during the summer months. During the winter, unless I used sand in the water pan instead of water. I struggle to hit 275º and on real cold days, maybe only 225º.

     While up in North Carolina, on a trip to visit the MIL, I stopped by Reeves Hardware store in Clayton, Georgia. And I was lucky enough to spot this regulator. Hadn't seen one like this before.


    Around $25 or so. Thought maybe this could solve my problem, so picked it up.


    So instead of the Petcock value, which controlled the flame (having to open the smoker to do so), in the smoker, I now have the flame control right at the tank.


    This was about the best flame I could get back when I had the Petcock Valve setup.


    And here is the new flame I have to work with. Not that I will run it that high [​IMG]

    Shoot, I can grill in that thing now.
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    Nice Setup - you got FLAME!

    I use this in my smokehouse:


    along with this:


    Mr. Heater LP Kit For Propane Stoves, Model# F273071

    Only $29.99

    In Stock
    Ship Wt. 1.4 lbs.

    UL listed regulator and hose kit lets you hook up the propane stove above to your 20-lb. propane tank or portable cylinder, not included.
    Key Product Specs
    Common UsageLP kit
    Works WithMr. Heater propane stoves
    ULUL listed
    Includes1 Regulator and a 5ft. hose assembly

    From Northern Tool: Sellers-_-Product Page

    You can see it in my Smokehouse link below, if you ever need to replace it!
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    What happend to the other post ?
  4. flash

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    Still there in Propane section.

    Pops, I looked at that one, but it would not work too easily in my GOSM. The side vent is very centralized and with the hookup on your burner being in the front, it would not line up easily to the tubing.

     I notice 3 level controls, do turning on each one increase the propane flow?

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