Reminder with brisket and time

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by vandy58, Sep 22, 2013.

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    Just like with pulled pork the brisket decides when it's done. 3.25 pounds of the flat put in at 9:30am at 240. Finally pulled out at 6:00pm, one thermometer read 179 the other 191. Wrapped in foil blanket for 1 hour then served. Logic would say that is way to much time for a flat at 3.25 pounds. Plateau lasted about 2 hours!!!! Just a FYI for those that need time frames! Oh and it came out amazing
  2. Brisket looks good man!  [​IMG]    & I've had them stall for a LOT longer than 2 hours before - they have a mind of their own. Nice smoke  [​IMG]
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    Thanks! I just could not believe 9 hours for a 3 pound flat! Oh well it was tasty!!!!

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