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  1. DirtSailor....[​IMG]

    Right out of the dehydrator.

    Yeah! Excellent! Beef flavor with just a hint of Salt and Sweet. I see why you like this recipe, it came out excellent. (write up and Pics below)

    The only downside is that my wife really didn't like the smell from the Fish Sauce while it was curing. Maybe if I add a dab of Garlic and mild Red Pepper flakes with one more Tbsp of Brown sugar (I actually went scant on the scaling up of the sugar this time) the curing smell might be a bit more acceptable. She likes the smell of Worcestershire sauce in the marinade so go figure.

    ChefJimmyJ: I used the Thai Golden Boy brand fish Sauce; but I also bought a bottle of the Vietnamese Red Boat 40deg N brand. They both cost about the same on Amazon. I may try the Red Boat in this jerky recipe the next time I make it because one reviewer said it had less of a fish smell when heated.

    You are right it is good as a table condiment, I believe I like it better on rice than even the Kikoman soy sauce we use. (the wife is complaining about the fish smell though. Any remedy for that you know of?)

    I'll post the recipe and process later. Honey-do stuff now.

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    I've made Dirtsailors Thai jerky several times exactly as he's described. No complaints here, EXCELLENT! As far as fishy smell that's what fish sauce is, prepared from fermented anchovies and salt. I doubt you'll be able to get away from the smell.
  3. Yeah, Stayhot I expect you're right.

    At least there's an electric outlet out on the front patio.[​IMG]

    Right now the bride has me focused on doing my Sched C so she can fill in the other forms for our friends at the IRS

    [​IMG]Yeah, I REALLY LOVE filling in Gov't forms.

    Oh, well. If mamma ain't happy....
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    The Smell? Those are two of the MILDEST you can get. Some of the most used in Asia are tasty but STINKY! I went through the same thing. Wife was not happy the first few times I cooked with Golden Boy. Before long just about everything gets a shot. Soups, Gravies, Tomato sauce and all Italian food. I have a 4 year old nephew that will steal the bottle and walk around sipping on it!...JJ
  5. Actually, I've er "sampled" both (when I got them, just to see how they taste [for scientific comparative purposes only of course]) and I can understand the little guys actions. It's good.
  6. Equipment:

    I purchased a few new toys for marinating and slicing based on some of the suggestions that you guys gave me.

    Cutting guides:

    I found these at the local Ace Hardware, 1/4" square and 3/8" x 5/16" rectangular brass tube. Ends wrapped with High temp electrical tape. Edges and corners broken with file.

    1 Gallon airtight food storage jug from local Dollar General store. I may cast an RTV compression gasket into the lid, but the poly to poly seal was enough.

    5 lbs of meat strips with marinade brine to cover the meat filled it about 3/4 full. Plenty of room to shake the meat and brine to mix it and shift the brine around the meat.


    I used the 3/8" cutting guide to score the top of the meat when the steaks were partially thawed. This made my slices more uniform in thickness.


    Another addition I made was to get a box of black nitrile rubber gloves. This saved me constantly washing my hands and protected from the frozen meat while I was trimming off the fat and white connective tissue.
  7. Thai Jerky Recipe I used (as made)

    4.8 Lb of Top Round London Broil

    - 3 Tbsp Kikoman Tamare

    - 9 Tbsp Golden Boy brand Thai Fish Sauce [Amazon]

    - 1/2 tsp #1 Cure (HiCountry Wild Game Cure) [Rural King]

    - 1/2 tsp Adolphs Meat Tenderizer

    - 8     tsp Brown Sugar

    - 1 1/2 tsp ground black pepper

    - Water enough water to cover the meat (@ 5-6 cups)


    I froze the meat on Monday since the Fish sauce wasn't due to arrive until Friday.

    Moved meat to the Refrigerator to thaw on Thursday.

    On Friday at noon I got the meat out to start prepping it. It was about half thawed, soft on the outside still firm in the middle. This allowed me to score the surface of the meat using the "3/8" Cutting Guide".

    (Note: First I sharpened my knives.)

    Then while the meat was still half frozen I used a boning knife to cut the fat off the edges and strip off the white connective tissue. It was much easier to trim off the waste while the steak was still partially frozen.

    I mixed up the marinade in 2 cups of hot water then put it in the refrigerator to cool.


    I put the cooled marinade in the "Curing Jug" and started to slice up the trimmed steaks. It was easier to put the beef strips into the jug as I cut them. When all the steak was cut I added cold water to the jug to cover the meat. Shook it up well, and put it in the refrigerator to marinate at 1400 Friday.

    Saturday morning I drained the meat in a colander and laid it out on Paper Towels with Aluminum foil under them (to protect the kitchen counter) to pat off the surface water.

    Then I loaded the surface dried strips into my Dehydrator trays. I have a Nesco model DF-61 with four trays and the nearly 5 lbs of 3/8" strips just fit into the 4 trays fit in as close as I could without overlapping them.

    The last strip was loaded and the Dehydrator turned on at 1030


    Dehydration schedule: 1030 - 1200  120 deg

                                         1200 - 1330  145 deg

                                          1330 - 1750  160 deg


    *In retrospect I should have given the meat another 1 to 2 hours at 160. The test samples I used were not the thickest pieces. [​IMG] I think I wanted it done.


    It did taste very good so I got some good eating until I realized I needed to oven dry it some more. I salvaged the batch but now it's crispy.

    Oh well. [​IMG]

    Lessons learned later.

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