Reinhard's German Gumbo

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  1. Today I am trying Reinhards German gumbo. Being from a small German town in Minnesota, sauerkraut is common in our house. When I saw this recipe I new I had to give it a shot. You can come along if you like. I'll post some q-view.

  2. Grabbed a bag of kraut yesterday at the store
    I really wanted to put some smoked ribs In but would rather eat them plain so I thawed a plain tenderloin sliced into medallion size and threw them on the grill.
    Then sliced the taters, fried bacon, sliced some sausages I smoked last week.
    You know how when you stuff sausage you always get the leftover in the bottom of the stuffer that never gets in the casing. We'll I usually fry that and eat fresh, last weekend I kept it and added it on the bottom of this dish on top of the pork. Then added the kraut and bacon.
    I wanted to add a link to Reinhard's recipe but can't figure it out. Just search German Gumbo. Thanks Reinhard for the inspiration! We post finished pictures.

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    That's looking really good Steve.  I now have to search for that recipe!
  4. Do you know what? This is really gonna be something! Needs to rest now, making bread sticks, will post final.
  5. This is to die for! If you think sour kraut is sour, guess again. This
    Is so flavorful! It will be made again, a hot in this family!
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    I'm glad you like the recipe!!  I've made it a few times since I last posted the recipe.  Always a hit at home and at deer camp. Thanks for all the pic's,  everything looks very tasty.  Reinhard
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  7. What temp do you cook this at ?
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    Do a search for  German Gumbo Again .  Sorry, not that great at posting links, but that will get you to the original recipe.  I kept the temp at 350 during the whole process.  Reinhard

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